Member only features

All Tech Development offers the following downloadable applications:
In both Windows and Linux versions:
  1. Diner Magic - A complete Call center, Delivery Dispatch, Restaurant POS, and store delivery system designed to allow all services to work together for city wide operation.
  2. Diabetic Assistant - A Program to track nutrition through Mealplans, recipe's, Blood glucose and exercise readings. Has an extensive nutrient and recipe database.
  3. Email database
  4. Fingertip Manager Accounting Ledger & Canadian Payroll
  5. FlexPrint - Print any way you want
  6. Full Tree - Print your Harddisk files tree
  7. Job Track - Track courier deliveries in real time
  8. Park Pass Reservation system - Campground Management system with built-in accounting system, payroll system, and using Card access for entry, exit, washrooms, Laundry, and showers (comming mid 2014)
  9. Present - a program to run a presentation on a topic
  10. Smart Map - A must for resolving bad addresses and driver directions for concise delivery
  11. Trip Track - Personal delivery system record keeping for couriers
  12. Web Page Maker
  13. Web Site Verification Utility - locates bad links, missing images or pages
  14. Visual Basic to 'C++' software translator