Beauchamp Family

                                        Family Tree

Grandparents: Stanley & Phyllis Beauchamp
Aunt Dianna Aunt Linda Father Rick
Aunt Brenda Uncle Steven Aunt Christina
Aunt Diana & Uncle Greg Krause
Cousin Shaunna with Niece Tina
Cousin Jennifer with Curt & daughter Teresa (no photo's)
Aunt Linda Beauchamp (center right)
Back : Cousin Melody + Niece Emma, Cousin Leon Cousin Shaleena
Center : Uncle Robert + Niece Tasha, Aunt Linda
Front : Cousin Dawn + Niece Shana & Nephrew Sammie, Niece Hannah
Father Rick Beauchamp
mother Tracy Beauchamp
Half sister Jessica Holly Pare' (adopted out)
Kale Stanley Beauchamp
Aunt Brenda Barry
Uncle Brent Barry
Cousin Janet Barry
Cousin Curtis Barry (No Photo of wife/child)
Uncle Steven Beauchamp
Aunt Holly Beauchamp
Cousin Nathan Beauchamp (1 month older than you)
Aunt Christina Beauchamp  
Grand Parents Clem & Vi Jette (no photo)
Aunt Sandee Jette
Mother Tracy Ann Jette (Tracy Beauchamp)
Aunt Sandee Jette
Cousin Cristopher Jette
Father Rick Beauchamp
Mother Tracy Beauchamp
Half Sister Jessica Holly Pare' (Adopted out)
Kale Stanley Beauchamp