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Jiffy Tax
Accountant in Calgary Alberta Canada
Jiffy Tax service was the first client of RDB Tech Labs from 1975. This client has been using software (upgraded over the years of course)in the normal running of his business.
Cloud Document and Project co-ordination system

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Genealogy by M Dutil-Morin encompasses over 30 years of research into her family roots. Her primary focus is to find Joseph Jean Hammond/Hamel.  

All Tech Development started out life as RDB Tech Labs ... a proprietorship company formed in 1975 engaged in finding technical solutions to problems through electronic innovation and software development.
Technical Resources

Hard to find technical specifications and resources can be found here.

Diabetic Assistant
Spawned from a need that was not being met, Diabetic Assistant / Medical Assistant came into being.
Health and Meal planning system ideally suited for Diabetics, Heart patients, and those on restrictive diets.
Everyone is welcome to use our online manual system to look-up Nutritional info and recipes.
Visit our online databases
  • Nutrition nutritional information of over 50,000 ingredients and restaurant menu items to assist you in planning for your dietary needs.
  • Recipe - a growing compilation of recipe's you can make
for concise information as you grocery shop or dine-out.
Our powerful interactive program download features a searchable database for precise control of your needs.
 In a unique fashion, it combines recipe's into a perpetual 365 day mealplan. It takes real ingredient information from the user to establish the actual nutritional content of a recipe. This nutritional data is then applied to  each member of a family or group by proportion.
Then for each meal, the user may post the Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, and exercise details to obtain concise information in the easiest manor possible to establish factual health records.
It can guide each person in the system on required Insulin (if needed), and dietary needs for healthy living.
  1. Diabetic tracking
  2. Restricted diet planning
  3. Weight-loss monitoring
  4. and more...

Linux an alternate Operating System
Linux is a Unix-like free operating system which is powerful, multi-user, multitasking, secure, and comes with a huge assortment of software (which by the way can't be infected with viruses so far to date)

We have usefull information about switching to Linux from Windows or even to use both.

  xBasic RAD
xBasic is a free RAD (rapid application development system) to allow the creation of applications for both Windows and Linux from the same source files. A true cross-platform  solution to fast but powerful application development. Uses the Basic Language in an improved form but creates the programs in pure assembly language for the greatest power.
  Diner Magic
A City wide order/delivery system that serves special occasion or family functions.
Done before smart phones and GPS (mid 90's) this system still can out perform IMHO Skip the dishes Which while being a good smart phone based app only scratches the surface of what this was intended to accomplish.

#1    Over the past 15 years I have had 3 motorhomes but reviewed 4 in detail. Check them out or if your interest lies with repair upkeep or modifications check out
::For The RVer, 30 plus mods, and repairs in complete detail

Bought used 1998
My first Motorhome bought from my dad in 2003

30ft 1992 Fleetwood Bounder

Bought new 2008
31 ft 2007 Coachmen Mirada 300qb

Tried to buy this model but could not reach an agreement with the seller.
33 ft 1996 Fleetwood Southwind
** Did not buy this unit **

Bought used 2012
This model is suitable for repair/ reconditioning
34 ft 1994 Gulfstream sunstream 2000
  • Bin latch repair
  • Fixing a leveler system
  • Replacing a toilet
  • Skirting for year round use
  • Going to tankless hot water
  • Furnace Repair
  • Replacing a leaky water manifold system
  • Enhanced home entertainment system
  • Going off grid a full EV conversion
  • much more...
#2 Building a 2 car garage A project to remove a dangerous unsafe small single car garage with a nice new double car garage, The target of this project is for those who have contemplated doing such but have never done such before.
#3 Building a handicap accessible house The planning and attempt to build this PWF wheelchair accessible 1350 sqft Bi-Level. The plans include internally built 3 level wheelchair lift, lower level wheelchair ramp and wheelchair accessible bathrooms and ammenities.
#4 Make a Truck Deck  with bins   and more...
#5 Making a Custom Camper