Mobile Electronics Facility

First attempt was in a Van
Using a 1972 Van, I embarked on the journey to construct a fully mobile manufacturing facility into this van as my term project for the Devry Electronics Engineering Technology course.
The van would have an inner framed wall to facilitate mounting of the gear, flourescent lite ceiling, a Z80 based computer, a TI-99/4a computer with expansion box, a work table, with storage a combination sink/etchant bath, a computer drilling mill, a lite-table exposure frame, and both an electronics equipment console and a logic development console.

The van was hit head on while entering the parking lot by a speeding driver who had lost control a week before the project was due. I should have welded a steel frame up front I guess to protect the engine compartment.

A steel frame was welded to the inside of the van to facilitate mounting 1/2 inch plywood walls as a mounting surface. Over head was mounted flourescent liting run from a couple of repurposed 12v flourescent circuits with a 2x4 drop ceiling lighting panel. Along the drivers side, a workbench was constructed with drawer and place for the TI-99/4a computer and it's expansion box. Next to bench was mounted a free standing Z80 computer unit from the pre-PC era chosen for it's versatility

Seen here is the actual Z80 computer console. Powered by an 18amp +5v supply and two 1amp -5v, 1amp +12v, 1amp -12v supplies located in the base. The actual computer is behind the keyboard tray (keyboard missing). A 9inch javelin monitor with composite video input is mounted on an arm from the back of the unit.

In the planning of the mobile facility it is important to consider the eurgonomics centered around the human touch. Reach, posture, visual and comfort can plan a big roll in any confined space.