Changing a light fixture

Replacing an old Mobile Home fixture with a new one
submitted by M Morin of Maine with the help of R Beauchamp of Alberta

So how many people does it take to change a fixture?
Hmmm, well one capable person doing a new task under the direction of an experienced person 3000 mile away.

An Old fixture with a shade that has seen better days

Our new fixture is different with 2 horizontal mount bulbs replacing the single bulb, A solid fixture replacing the hang style fixture.

So what does the new fixture have. 1 mount plate, 1 dual bulb assembly, 2 Marrets, 1 lens mount bolt, 1 lens, and instructions.

Step 1. Power off!!! , Undue old fixture mount plate and let it drop down to expose wiring.
** You may find crimp caps as we did or Marrets which can be unscrewed.**

In many situations, you will have polarized wiring where the light fixture wires are white and black to match the Mobile home wiring also white and black. But as in our case, the Fixture wiring was two clear wires.

With polarized wiring it is best to connect the black from the home power to the centre contact of the fixture and the white to the outer screw threads. To use compact florescent bulbs this is important so they come when instructed to do so.

True to code, there should always be a copper ground with or without shield connecting from the fixture to the ceiling box and to the wires that enter the box from other fixtures. This ground wire if with shield is likely to be green.

As you can see here the new fixture has properly identified black and white wires denoting polarity and also has the bare copper ground wire without shield.

Assemble the fixture to the mount plate paying attention to how the plate is to mount and where the wires are to go through the plate.

Here we see how NOT to make the connections! It will do us no good to connect new fixture wires to the old fixture since we will be removing the old fixture.

What you see above is wires coming out of the ceiling box and wires coming from the old fixture. Notice the Marret is connecting the white wire from the new fixture to the wire from the old fixture instead of to the white wire coming out of the ceiling.


As can be seen here, we have two ground wires coming out of the box and only one on the new fixture. In our case, we have two wire groups coming in each with their own ground wires and two wires going to the old fixture. All four of these are going into a crimp cap. So you need to cut the old wires close to the crimp cap on the ceiling side.

So here we have black to black, white to white and bare copper grounds but the grounds have not been attached yet.

Ok so out with the old, all detached now!

In with the new ... we need to buy a marret so that the grounds can be properly connected.

Ground is now connected, so we test out the fixture before securing it. Then shut down power once more.

Final check of fixture wiring

And fixture is now wired and installed ready for the Lens to be added. A job well done.