Visual Basic to C translator

 Visual Basic to 'C' conversion

There are just times when you need the ease of programming offered by BASIC.

  • Maybe you have a favourite app written in basic, or visual basic for MSDOS or Windows and you want to port it into Linux or into Linux-X-windows.

  • It could be that you just need to be able to program something quick in Basic but need the result easily ported into 'C'.

  • Perhaps your just trying to learn 'C' or X-Forms but currently only know Basic or Visual Basic.

In all these instances, our products provide the foundation you provide the need. VB2CX can convert a strictly Basic application into a strict 'C'/'C++' application that can be compiled and run on either a Windows - machine or a Linux machine as a console app. VB2CX can convert a Visual basic program into an x-forms gui application written in 'C'/'C++' for Linux X-windows system. VB2CX comes complete with the full Basic Language reference, Visual Basic Reference, C/C++ reference, Xforms reference, and both the converter and code editor. The VB2CX Tutor package contains only the reference section. The VB2NET package is not out yet but will contain cross platform compiler capable of creating a VB.NET application from VBDOS through VB6 and possibly also from Linux X-forms.

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