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In the bygone days of DOS people were very custom with using the dos command line to attain results. With the advent of windows, and movement to using extremely large harddisks and multiple partitions, there has been a trade-off some good, some bad. Windows has made for an extensive increase in performance in many area's coupled with a lack of performance in others.

    Case in point, look at the simple Directory function.
         Firstly, it's now called a FOLDER
         You no longer have a DOS-Mode TREE command and
         You also don't have a simple DOS-Mode DIR command.
    The two commands are now merged and enhanced. Firstly, the DIR DOS Mode command use to only work on a specific directory and only show regular files. This command under windows now can show system and hidden files, and can also show contents of the parent folder and all it's subfolders. 

    While windows does allow you to search multiple drives and and folders it does little to help you save the results or print the results. You could open a DOS Box and pipe results of a DIR command to a file then print the file(s).  Is this really better? or just more work?

With Fulltree, we offer you a way back to this very usefull feature. Our program is simple!
      1) Tell the program where to begin the listing (parent folder)
      2) State whether or not to search all drives or just the indicated drive
      3) Specify which types of files you wish to list
      4) Select where to send the results (display, printer, or file)
      5) Tell it to Proceed
With FullTree we let you take command of your system!!!
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