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Fingertip Manager combined Ledger Payroll Spreadsheet and transforms is specifically designed to handle the complexities of doing business in both standalone and networked applications. It incorporates Y2K compliant architecture which does not rely upon embedded dates with-in database structures. One of the big differences between Fingertip Management series programs and those of other accounting software, is that the system uses period based filing with all totals and carry forward results identified by period instead of by separate account file. This approach allows the user greater flexibility and faster results than the standard open - select - rebuild/combine - sort/print sequence which is normally found.

       Fingertip Manager is provided as a stand-alone application capable of being used to handle the accounting, book keeping, payroll, quick spreadsheet, accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial planning tasks for as many businesses and private use applications as you desire. It has been around and used on a constant basis since 1975 by both businesses and accountants since 1975. Over the years, it has been upgraded to offer more robust features as our ever changing world requires.

         The definable Payroll system provides for easy updating of key information settings as changes are released by the government. Thusly, anyone can enter a few new rates and be ready for continuing with the job at hand.

        Fingertip Manager can be integrated into our other software offerings such as with Diner Magic series programs, Courier-it programs, and Custom applications. The target here is to alleviate the need to re-enter details already present in these other applications to provide seamlessly a complete set of books.

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