Power Office Dispatch

  Power Office-Dispatch Version 1.5  
  - Dispatch is the first and only dispatch system specifically designed for the Home - Food - Delivery service sector. This well rounded system is capable of handling delivery information from a variety of sources. It gives the service  company direct control over the delivery fleet, trip assignments and includes an abundance of tools and features to make the delivery control and dispatching process as smooth as possible.
  • -Dialup feed of Trips from multiple restaurants using QWIK-CALL or DINER-LITE, or a DINER-MAGIC City-wide Call-Centre system.
  • -Local Trip insert ... Operator defines trip at dispatch station for any delivery requirement of any store not using one of the above systems.
  • -Single Direct feed of Trips sorted and sent to multiple dispatch stations
       ...One station reads all trips and re-directs the trips to multiple stations based upon area's. (Requires Novel compliant network or Linux operating system).
  • -Local Call Centre &/or Single Direct feed ... One or more Telephone personnel generate trips for dispatch locally through special Power Office
  • - Call Centre system (included). The trips are relayed to the appropriate dispatch station(s). Works in conjunction with Dial-up methods. (Requires Novel compliant Network or Linux operating system)
  • -Simple Point and click mouse operation
  • -Two different views :
         New trips or Trips in progress. Each screen is a click away.
  • -Built-in driver schedule, driver phone list, driver rotation and more ...
  • -Trip display and print happen totally automatic and behind the scenes.
  • -Automatic trip sort by area, store, driver, and invoice#
  • Reduce Noise in dispatch area's
  • Easy to use & learn
  • Reduce paper/ribbons and maintainance
  • Reduce or eliminate missed trips
  • Driver status Que
  • Adjustable color display
  • Driver Phone Directory
  • Driver Schedule
  • Message Centre
  • Original view of Invoice accessible
  • Address confirmation and Built-in City Maps
  • Driver Cashout report
  • *Automatic: Startup
  • *Scheduled driver book-on
  • *Driver Busy/Clear control
  • *Timestamps:
  • *25 or 43 line display
  • *Training mode
  • *Built-in topical help
  • *6 different print invoice styles
  • *Smart Flaging: Method of payment, Reprints, Changes, Cancelations holds, Lates, Miss-packs, complaints, Time-calls
  • * Paper jams, Printer out-of-paper, or off-line does not break or interfere with operation or dispatching
  • *Dispatch Manager Included for all your reporting and managerial tasks
  • Max# of Dispatch stations 9
  • Max # of Manager stations 2
  • Max # of Local Call Centre stations 14
  • Max # of New Calls per station 400 in list at any one time
  • Max # of Picked trips per station 400 in list at any one time
  • Max # of trips per day per station 14400
  • Max # of active drivers 192
  • Max # of stores per city 999
  • Max # of area's per city 26
  SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: (min) [ for single stand alone station.]
  To utilize this program, you will require the following system configuration for each computer station:
  A True IBM or Compatible Computer: (min)(prefered)
  Processor:     486DX33 Pentium 133 or better  
  Memory:     1024 k Bytes 8192 k Bytes  
  Hardisk:     20 MBytes larger (opt)
  Disk:     CDROM 2nd drive (opt)
  Serial:     Com1=mouse Com1=mouse
        Com2=Dial-up Com2=Dial-up
  Printer:     Lpt1=Call print Lpt1=Call print
  Mouse **Dos     **com1 **com1
  Monitor:     VGA 14" to 15" color SVGA 15" to 17" color
  Network Card:     (opt) Novel complient
  * Network cards are required if using multiple dispatch computers &/or a Local Call Centre
  **will run from LINUX (Linux handles all Dos and most Windows applications, and is fully network ready, true multi-user/multi-tasking and runs as both a station and a server)

POWER OFFICE - DISPATCH MANAGER is included with your Purchase of the Power Office - Dispatch system. The power office dispatch - manager is basically a management control tool. With it, a manager may combine the trip results of up to 9 dispatching stations . Using the combine results, the manager can then generate reports which identify how much money is owed by stores (on charge) and how much is owed to each driver. In addition, the facility permits the manager the ability to create and maintain file information about: - trips which experienced problems (Call Centre errors, Store Waits, Driver mistakes), - Drivers ( trips, Errors, Cash-outs), - Stores (trips, Errors, Invoiced totals) , and - Scheduling. The main power behind the manager is the fully featured report generator which can work from a Driver, Store, or Error perspective. It can work on the basis of a single day, a month, or a range of dates. Screening tools, allow the reports to sample based upon specific criteria such as : specific driver, specific store, group of stores, or specific flag.