Diner Magic Call Center

Diner Magic Site Overview

This site is dedicated to furthering the causes for businesses which would like an economical call center, dining service and/or delivery system. The Diner Magic system allows Restaurants, Stores and Delivery services to be linked with the order taking and customer database processes for the most complete system you could ever imagine.

    Table of Contents
    Call Center
    Restaurant POS
    Qwik Call Delivery
    Qwik Call Servicer
    Power Office Dispatch
    Smart maps

    A full blown Diner Magic system has a Diner-Magic Call center taking orders for a specific multi-location business as well as handling single location businesses in a menu-ing service fashion. Orders taken are sent immediately to the business using a Qwik Call Direct system, or to the restaurant using the Diner-Lite POS system. Orders requiring delivery by a delivery service are sent to the service which is equipped with either Qwik Call Servicer or Power office Dispatch.

    Users of Qwik Call Direct can directly notify the delivery service through their system. 

   Users of the DinerLite POS can handle their Dine-in, Take-out, and in-store delivery. Delivery portions can be split between in-store drivers and/or delivery service drivers. Again delivery service requests are sent to the delivery services system.

   Delivery services have the choice of 2 systems Qwik Call Servicer receives and prints orders whereas Power office dispatch receives/prints and allows dispatching. The Diner-Magic Diner-lite and Power office Dispatch systems have a built-in Smart Map address verification and instant map directions system for fast accurate delivery to your customers.