Diner Magic Call Center

  5 Powerful Packages take care of a whole industry.

Are heavy covered and contain a couple of pages where shops and services can advertise followed by the menu's for the local shops and Restaurants. Callers dial the number on the cover and place their orderswith the Diner Magic Call Centre which then transmits the orders to the various shops , Restaurants and Delivery services. Customers can satisfy their needs by combining different shops and restaurants in one call. Imagine ordering burgers for the children, Pizza for the teens, diapers and juice for the baby, Steak and Lobster with wine for the parents and those special flowers all in one easy call!

Order Receipts

    Detailed receipts are complete with store logo


  WHAT IS DINER MAGIC!       Diner Magic is a full system for servicing multiple establishments with improved volumes, better customer response, and improved operational control. It's goal is to provide ease for customers to obtain products and plan gatherings. For stores, and restaurants; it co-ordinates customer requests  (orders), notifies outlets what is needed and when, and for service companies it notifies them to pick-up and deliver the product(s). The system provides and maintains a consumer base complete with  a history of their last order, Verifies addresses on new consumers, maintains and generates member  based menu booklets for distribution and links into either POWER OFFICE-DISPATCH (full dispatch system) or Qwik Call Servicer (delivery notifier system), as of this writing, the only computerized full feature dispatch systems specifically designed for the Home-Food-Delivery  Industry.

  DINER MAGIC IS THE ONLY FULLY COMPUTERIZED ONE STEP SYSTEM THAT CONNECTS CUSTOMERS TO STORES/RESTAURANTS   AND DELIVERY PERSONNEL AT THE SAME TIME WITH FULL ACCOUNTABILITY AND PERFORMANCE!!!     Diner Magic is from it's point of conception intended to operate on two levels, The primary level involves a single city wide number that consumers can call to put them in touch with multiple shops and services with-in their delivery region. Orders placed on the diner magic main number are sent to the appropriate stores automatically and also the delivery service if necessary. It handles Pick-up, In-store Delivery, and Delivery service capabilities.     The second level (actually running in parallel )provides a dedicated telephone exchange to multi-location stores. The primary difference is that the phones are answered by operators who use the stores name rather than "DINER MAGIC" such that clients of this system have their own private city wide number. All the same features are available to both types of client.


    WHAT IS DINER LITE !    Diner Lite is a full computerized system for servicing a single Restaurant which needs control over all it's Delivery customers, Delivery orders, Pick-up orders, Dine-in orders, Waitress cashouts, sales and product use considerations. It specifically addresses the issues concerning restaurant owners with regard to servicing their customers and working with the whole subject of home delivery. It has built into it, customer database management, Dine-in order processing, Delivery and Pick-up order processing, a full city address verification system with viewable map, numerous reporting capabilities and can be set to automatically notify delivery services which use the POWER OFFICE DISPATCH system or Qwik Call Servicer packages when there is a delivery order.


Qwik Call Direct allows businesses easy online access to their Delivery service. Businesses with a POS system can use this system in conjunction with their POS. Those without a POS system can use this system independently as a fast response system.


Qwik Call Servicer Version 1.0 This is an Economically based first line approach to automated account servicing for the Home-Food service industry. This well rounded system is capable of handling delivery information from a variety of sources (all based upon the DINER MAGIC specifications). While this service package does not give the service company automated dispatching, it does simplify the services office duties by cutting down on phone call answering, obtaining basic correct delivery information and sorting orders by area/store# and invoice#.


POWER OFFICE DISPATCH VERSION 1.5 This powerful gem of a tool is a must for the busy dispatching office. It's features are too numerable to be listed here. It has both dispatching and managerial functions, as well as mini-call center functions.

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