How it works

Free to browse :  This option exists for those who have not subscribed to our site and are interested in accessing the recipe and nutritional databases for general interest. But this option also is for those who want access to that same information on their web enabled phone or pda while they shop for groceries or dine out.

  • Sometimes you need to check what a recipe really contains in the way of nutrition
  • Sometimes you may really want to compare different ingredients and choose the
    best fit in your recipe.
  • Sometimes you plan on ordering take-out or dining on a selection from your favorite
    eatery and need to know exactly what the dietary and nutritional results are.
Our free to browse databases are available to meet your needs whether you are a member or not.

Membership has it's rewards!
Everything offered on the We R Unique site is free to members unless specifically stated. Membership is a low yearly fee that amounts to less than what is spent on 1 cup of coffee per month, we will supply you with the access to software selections, downloadable information and database updates for a whole year! Being a member and using our Diabetic Assistant software on your PC gives you full advantage of recipe nutritional information, daily weekly monthly or yearly meal planning, health tracking for your entire family inclusive of nutrition, exercise effects, medications, and much more...

  • Is your health worth $2 per month?
  • What is your time worth? It can take hours to manually organize Nutritional information for
    meals, plan appropriate exercise and make reports for your dietician or physician. Why not
    do it in seconds!
  • What does easy and accurate planning and tracking mean to you
The Diabetic Assistant is designed to be your best friend. And for the same low year fee you have access to all the other neat things we have to offer. As our name says WE R UNIQUE!

Diabetic Assistant
  • Is available for Microsoft Windows or any version of Linux or  Mac.
  • Is available in Condensed, Full version to Regular subscribers
            The condensed version accesses the browse-able database on the web
            The full version provides the browse-able database on your PC
  • Is available in Source form to developer subscribers.
            The developer subscriber gets access to the source code to make custom changes
    to the software offerings.