What about our Competition

Current emerging technologies are heading in the right direction as they pertain to tracking health concerns but until now fall short of coming close. Let's take a minute to discuss some of the alternatives and why Diabetic Assistant can play a more powerful role.
  • Fitbit ... uses a device to monitor some vital signs which can upload to a web based interface. The user can then build an online profile and choose the ingredients or more closely the primary ingredients for the meal to obtain a approximate indication of fitness through calories burned. It can play a significant role in planning for weightloss, or body building. Being an online type system, you need to have internet access to use it and also need a Microsoft Windows based machine to use the device.
  • Bayer Pharmacutical USB contour Blood Glucose meter ... is a self contained Microsoft Windows only USB meter. It has storage for about 300 readings (about 50 days at 6 samples per day) and has a built-in program allowing for single patient analysis and manual tracking of some nutrient and medication information. It offers more privacy in that nothing gets stored online although you can save results to your local PC. With no nutrient data that is ingredient specific and brand specific, no recipe's, no physical exertion monitoring there is still alot of guess work involved.
  • Diabetic software reference
  • Diabetic Assistant ...
    1. Available for Linux
    2. Soon for Windows
    3. Ingredient and Recipe databases are locally stored on your PC so Internet is only required for updates
    4. Multi-Client system with individual tracking of results using either Ingredient + Recipe + Mealplans
      common to whole family or group, or separate clients to each use their own Recipe + Mealplans. Of course the client info and results are always independent.
    5. Up to 6 - 5part entries per meal allow for full fexibility so you can have appetizer,meal,side dish,drink and dessert calculated into results.
    6. More than 15 Nutrients important to healthy living are tracked
    7. Build-in measurement conversion in both automated and manual modes
    8. Built-in Exercise by activity adjustment to calories burned
    9. Medication tracking for convienience
    10. 15 types of Analysis Reports
    11. Useable for recording Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, determining Insulin needs, handling special diets like low sodium, low potasium, low carbs etc
    12. Ability to print out a grocery listing by what ingredients are used or planned for meals
    13. Once a Recipe has had it's Ingredients tailored for use you don't need to redefine them
    14. Easily add your favorite recipe's and even share them with our other customers
    15. **(It is hoped that we can expand the system to allow for USB devices such as Glucose meters, blood pressure machines, and maybe even heart rate monitors can be integrated in the future)***
Features Chart
Item Fitbit Bayer-contour CookingNook Diabetic Assistant
Device fitbit-activity monitor Contour-USB No No
Software Windows PC Windows PC n/a Windows or Linux PC
Access Online membership No Yes Yes
Client Storage Online PC n/a PC
Multi User Linux No No n/a Yes
Multi User Windows No No n/a No
Multi Client No No n/a Yes
Recipe Online No No Yes Yes
Recipe Local Copy No No No membership
Nutrient Online Yes No No Yes
Nutrient Local No No No membership
Mealplanner No No No membership
Exercise eval membership No No membership
Measure Calc/Convert No No Online membership
Online Updates membership Yes No membership