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  1. BSD
  2. Debian
  3. Linux
  4. Solaris
  5. Ubuntu
  6. UNIX
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  1. Mysql user creation – setting up a MySQL new user account
  2. What is MySQL?
  3. The Best cms, most flexible, and open source CMS software
  4. MySQL Change root Password
  5. How do I find out screen resolution of my Linux desktop?
  6. Server uptime command to find out how long the system has been running
  7. FreeBSD locking an account
  8. Linux locking an account
  9. How can I find out if my Ethernet card (NIC) is being recognized or not?
  10. Howto: Prevent root user from being able to log in via SSH service
  11. What is a rootkits?
  12. How do I find out the MAC address of my Linux or FreeBSD system?
  13. How To Use SSH in Unix or Linux shell script
  14. Linux setup shared directory
  15. How do I find out what network services are running or listing under Linux?
  16. How do I run X windows program as normal user?
  17. How do I find the url for my cgi-bin?
  18. How do I find what dependencies a rpm file has?
  19. Solaris: Forcefully unmount a disk partition to get rid of device busy error
  20. How can I find out who is logged on my UNIX / Linux system?
  21. Linux / UNIX find out what other users are doing?
  22. Linux / UNIX: Command not found error and how do I get rid of it?
  23. Environment variable changing on Linux/FreeBSD
  24. Howto find out perl version
  25. Sending mail with Perl mail script
  26. How can I log in as root?
  27. How To Find Out What My DNS Servers Address Is
  28. FreeBSD Find out who is logged in?
  29. PHP: How do I read from text file?
  30. Linux: Find out Ethernet card driver name
  31. Set Apache Password Protected Directories With .htaccess File
  32. FreeBSD: Forcefully unmount a disk partition to get rid of device busy error
  33. Linux LAN card: Find out full duplex / half speed or mode
  34. Linux / UNIX: Delete a file
  35. How to: Add or display today’s date from a shell script
  36. How do I send html email from Perl?
  37. Run shell script from web page
  38. Bash Shell Command to Find or Get IP address
  39. How to: Formatting Linux Filesystem
  40. FreeBSD Hardware compatibility List (HCL)
  41. Restrict ssh access using Iptable
  42. Restrict ssh access using tcpd (TCPWrapper)
  43. Can I set the permissions on a symbolic link under Linux/UNIX?
  44. Linux or UNIX – Find tty name
  45. Linux how to determine the file system type
  46. Linux Login as Superuser ( root user )
  47. How To: Find Iut If MySQL Is Running On Linux Or Not
  48. How To FreeBSD Remount Partition
  49. How to find out Router mac address
  50. Linux or Unix find and remove files with one find command on fly
  51. Open rar file or Extract rar files under Linux or UNIX
  52. What are the exit statuses of ssh command?
  53. FreeBSD Set Date Time and Timezone
  54. Howto: Changing Linux Login Shell
  55. How do I Compress a Whole Linux or UNIX Directory?
  56. Finding files in Linux filesystems
  57. Shell: How to determine the exit status of Linux and UNIX command
  58. How Linux file permissions work
  59. Linux script to prompt for password
  60. Where are the passwords of the users located in Linux?
  61. Howto: Use tar command through network over ssh session
  62. Linux: Delete user password
  63. Linux send email from console
  64. What Happens When Hard Disk Fails in RAID 5
  65. Linux / UNIX: Rules For Naming File And Directory Names
  66. Linux/UNIX: chmod error
  67. What is The Role Of the System Administrator?
  68. Tape drives naming convention under Linux
  69. Linux – What defines a user account?
  70. Understanding /etc/passwd File Format
  71. Understanding /etc/shadow file
  72. Difference Between Linux and UNIX
  73. Howto: Eject cd with ssh
  74. Understanding /etc/group File
  75. PHP Howto Read IP address of remote computer/browser
  76. How to find out if Advanced Power Management support available or not under Linux
  77. Howto: Linux desktop adjust sound or Linux volume control
  78. Linux how do I remove all empty directories?
  79. Howto Open a PDF file under Linux / FreeBSD
  80. Open / view .chm file under Linux or FreeBSD
  81. Commonly used UNIX / Linux commands by new user
  82. Open MS-Word and MS-PowerPoint file under Linux/UNIX
  83. How do I Create files needed to build and use DLLs under Linux?
  84. Linux/UNIX: Determine file type
  85. Shell: How to wrap text files to fit specified width
  86. How to identify format and characteristics of image file
  87. How do I find out what perl modules already installed on my system?
  88. Fedora Linux (HCL) hardware compatibility list
  89. How do I enable SQL *Plus Up and down arrow keys?
  90. Shell scripting: read one line at a time from keyboard
  91. Linux: How do I list all USB devices?
  92. How do I list files inside compressed tar ball (gzip’d tar’d) archive?
  93. Linux start oracle as a service
  94. Howto: Linux Add User To Group
  95. Howto Compiling C program and creating executable file under Linux / UNIX / *BSD
  96. Scripting: How do I process accounting file /var/account/pact?
  97. How do I find out more information about ext3 or ext2 file system?
  98. How do I find out more information about block devices?
  99. How do I start MySQL server without using startup script /etc/init.d/mysql?
  100. How do I check and repair MS-DOS file systems under Linux?
  101. How do I find file fragmentation for specific file under Linux?
  102. How do I turn on telnet service on for a Linux / FreeBSD system?
  103. How do I Telnet as the Root User?
  104. How do I setup round robin DNS?
  105. How do I find out syntax errors in my Apache web server configuration file?
  106. How do I find out what ports are listening/open on my Linux / FreeBSD server?
  107. How can I change the message of the day on my Linux server?
  108. How do I install or upgrade an RPM file or package under Red Hat / Fedora / Suse Linux?
  109. How do I find the current connections to a Samba server?
  110. How do I find all the files owned by a particular user or group?
  111. Access MySQL Server From The Shell Prompt (Command Line)
  112. Find files that do not have any owners or do not belong to any user under Linux/UNIX
  113. Redhat network interface configuration
  114. How can I setup the MTU for my network interface?
  115. How Do I Block an IP Address on My Linux server?
  116. How do I create watermark with ImageMagick’s composite command in Linux?
  117. How do I make a Linux or FreeBSD file an executable file?
  118. MySQL startup script under BSD/Linux
  119. My scripts in cgi-bin directory not working, how do I troubleshoot this problem?
  120. How do I find the largest top 10 files and directories on a Linux / UNIX / BSD filesystem?
  121. How do I install a Perl Module?
  122. See what is going on the Linux console screen
  123. How do I use cpio command under Linux?
  124. How do I rotate log files?
  125. Linux create an installation boot disk
  126. Linux burn ISO images to Cds and CD-RWs howto
  127. Linux check memory usage
  128. Will Microsoft office and other Windows applications be able to run on my Linux distribution?
  129. How do I test php installation with a phpinfo page?
  130. Find the network path / route that is being used to reach a particular host on internet
  131. Linux Boot Disk under Redhat or Fedora Linux
  132. Is it safe to use hdparm command to get or set hard disk parameters under Linux?
  133. Howto open .daa files (Direct-Access-Archive) under Linux / UNIX
  134. Explain Virtual File System
  135. Debian Linux boot disk creation
  136. How do I remotely administer a Windows server running IIS 6.0 web server from a Windows XP Professional dekstop system?
  137. How do I find the path to a command file?
  138. USB drive not being recognized under Linux
  139. How do I force IDE CD-ROM drive detecting during the Linux installation?
  140. How do I search my Linux / UNIX server for a file?
  141. How do I use Linux on windows XP/2000 system?
  142. Configure Samba to use domain accounts for authentication
  143. Iptables Open FTP Port 21 and 20
  144. FTP Connection refused error – Solution to problem
  145. How do I add jobs to cron under Linux or UNIX oses?
  146. How do I Compare two files under Linux or UNIX?
  147. How do I upgrade the kernel in Linux without compiling from source code?
  148. Access Linux From Windows XP / Vista / 7 Systems
  149. Linux increase the maximum number of open files or file descriptors
  150. Boot Linux Grub Into Single User Mode
  151. Linux rebuild the initial ramdisk image
  152. How to make a Linux File unchangeable ( unalterable ) so that no one can modify it
  153. Linux Tape Backup With mt And tar Command Howto
  154. Linux display information about installed hardware
  155. Linux Broadcom Ethernet Card driver installation
  156. Linux: How do I find out causes for memory faults?
  157. Procmail suspicious rcfile message (/home/user/.procmailrc) solution
  158. Force sendmail to route mail to specific hosts or mailserver
  159. Configure sendmail as a smart host
  160. Sorry too many clients when trying to connect to PostgreSQL database server – solution
  161. Linux change the monitor or video card settings
  162. Linux compliant wireless cards
  163. Apache restrict access based on IP address to selected directories
  164. Configure a system to automount a Samba share with /etc/fstab
  165. Open ftp port 21 on windows XP operating system
  166. Fedora Linux reconfigure X server
  167. Linux Find If Processor / CPU is 64 bit / 32 bit ( long mode ~ lm )
  168. Find out if package is installed in Linux
  169. How to Scan new LUNs on Linux with QLogic driver
  170. Install Linux on Serial ATA (SATA) drives
  171. Turn off: disable selinux (Security-Enhanced Linux)
  172. Configure rsh so that is does not prompt for a password
  173. Sendmail Limiting Denial of Service (DOS) Attack
  174. Find out if shell command is aliased or not
  175. Unpacking or uncompressing gz files under Linux and UNIX systems
  176. Unreliable Mouse jumps when using a KVM switch in Linux
  177. Backup Home Directories in Linux
  178. Shell script to get the time difference
  179. Linux mount ntfs or Access NTFS partition from Linux
  180. Linux change the speed and duplex settings of an Ethernet card
  181. Linux Kernel panic VFS Unable to mount root fs and solution
  182. GUI Tools for managing MySQL databases server
  183. How do I save iptables rules or settings?
  184. Error: Couldn’t open display (null) and solution
  185. Disable The Mail Alert By Crontab Command
  186. File size limit exceeded error under Linux and solution
  187. Linux Partition Naming Convention ( IDE Drive Mappings )
  188. How does SNMP work?
  189. Steps for compiling Linux kernel on SMP Itanium IA64 system
  190. Securing MySQL server
  191. Windows server display current TCP connections
  192. FreeBSD Mount CDROM / DVD Drive From The Command Prompt
  193. Linux setting hostname and domain name of my server
  194. Linux copy data from a floppy to hard disk
  195. Linux reset forgotten root password
  196. Linux Virtual Private Network setup
  197. PHP not connecting to a MySQL database server
  198. How do I update Ubuntu Linux softwares?
  199. Linux add a swap file howto
  200. How do I access NAS server using automount?
  201. Access NAS server using Windows 2000 or 2003 server
  202. Access NAS server using NFS protocol under Linux or UNIX
  203. Increase the number of telnet sessions allowed
  204. unmount: /cdrom device is busy error and solution
  205. Howto mount windows partition onto ubuntu Linux
  206. How do I move spam mail to spam folder?
  207. MySQL error 28 and solution
  208. How do I use MSN or Yahoo or ICQ instant messaging under Linux?
  209. Howto rebuilding a RAID array after a disk fails
  210. Making changes to /proc filesystem permanently
  211. Error /dev/hdX does not have any corresponding BIOS drive and Solution
  212. Linux Creating or Adding New Network Alias To a Network Card (NIC)
  213. Ubuntu Linux OpenSSH Server installation and configuration
  214. Avoid typing sudo on Ubuntu Linux
  215. Linux setup a Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) howto
  216. Delete / Remove a Directory Linux Command
  217. How can I setup 1920×1200 resolutions for XFree86?
  218. Sendmail blocking spam email id, ips with access database
  219. How do I verify that service is turned on in xinetd under Fedora or Red Hat Linux?
  220. Solaris backspace key issue problem and solution
  221. Ubuntu Linux: How to reconfigure X windows system ( server)
  222. Ubuntu Linux: How do I install .deb packages?
  223. Samba Add a User
  224. Warning, got duplicate tcp line – netstat error and solution
  225. Linux Move a print job from one queue to another
  226. Linux Performance Tools To Troubleshoot Problems
  227. Default username created during a new installation of Linux?
  228. How do I permanently erase hard disk?
  229. Analog Input: Cannot display this video mode error and solution
  230. Qmail delivering mail ~/Mailbox home directories
  231. Qmail allow email from my own domain (particular domain) only
  232. Iptables setup masquerading for Linux firewall
  233. Disable graphical GRUB splash screen
  234. Linux log files location and how do I view logs files?
  235. Linux Setting up a software RAID1 system for a complete mirror
  236. Linux Force fsck on the Next Reboot or Boot Sequence
  237. Linux display CPU information – number of CPUs and their speed
  238. How can I restore a backup of a MySQL database?
  239. Linux mount and access a compact flash card – howto
  240. How do I start Oracle service in UNIX?
  241. Ubuntu Linux enable telnet service
  242. What ports need to be open for Samba to communicate with other windows/linux systems?
  243. Linux or UNIX securely copy files across a network computer
  244. Iptables is not sending LOG to syslog file
  245. How reduce or shrink Logical Volume on Linux
  246. Kill process in Linux or terminate a process in UNIX or Linux systems
  247. Why my Apache Server Side Include (SSI) is not working?
  248. Linux setup default gateway with route command
  249. Linux and UNIX view command-line history
  250. How do I use shell aliases under Linux?
  251. Howto find out or Learn harddisk size in Linux or UNIX
  252. Formatting usb pen in Linux
  253. How do I start and stop NFS service?
  254. Verify MD5 checksum of Linux DVD / ISO ISO file using Windows XP / Vista
  255. Restrict Linux users to their home directories only
  256. Add a package group using up2date command
  257. I2O block arrays trouble – Linux fails to install GRUB at the end of successful installation
  258. Fedora Core Linux chkconfig does not display service name
  259. FreeBSD or BSD reboot and shutdown system
  260. Install and Test PHP on Linux system
  261. Apache 403 Forbidden Error and Solution
  262. Import MySQL dumpfile, SQL datafile into my database
  263. Fedora core Linux sound card configuration
  264. What you need to back up on Linux to recover
  265. Show all installed packages or software in Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
  266. Howto: Linux creating user account under group
  267. How to change the userid or Login name in Linux
  268. Howto: PHP setup include_path
  269. Howto: Linux server change or setup the timezone
  270. FTP Maximum number of clients exceeded error and solution
  271. chkconfig on FreeBSD to start services automatically initial boot time
  272. HowTo: UNIX / Linux Convert DOS Newlines CR-LF to Unix/Linux Format
  273. Command to run (execute) bin files in Linux
  274. Howto: Linux detect or find out a dual-core cpu
  275. How to Find out the IP address assigned to eth0 and display IP only
  276. Howto: Linux formatting floppy and zip disk and create filesystem
  277. Apache Display / Change a Default Page Other Than index.html
  278. Linux find out what process are eating all memory and time allocated to process
  279. Howto: Firefox Install Multimedia Player VLC with plug-in
  280. Howto: Linux see new fiber channel attached disk LUNs without rebooting
  281. How to Linux disable X Windows KDE during system boot
  282. Linux define the runlevel and determine which runlevel my system is currently in
  283. How to: Linux turn on Num Lock on GNOME startup
  284. How to Access the FAT32 files or filesystem from Linux system
  285. How to: Connect to my MySQL Database server using command line and php
  286. How to access MySQL database using Perl
  287. Gnome Linux Disable / Turn Off Hardware Beep Sound For Terminal
  288. Howto: Linux set up the X Window System to allow remote X sessions via the XDMCP
  289. Do I need to recompile PAM-aware application before using a PAM module?
  290. How to dump content of a man-db database in text format
  291. How to run Debian base system configuration install time wizard again
  292. Ubuntu Linux: How to Install Flash Player for firefox
  293. Howto: FreeBSD configure or use mouse to copy and paste at a terminal
  294. Howto: Linux command line utilities for removing blank lines from text files
  295. Howto: Display list of modules or device drivers in the Linux Kernel
  296. Linux: How to load a kernel module automatically at boot time
  297. Linux OR BSD: How to speed up compile time with GNU make
  298. How to determine or retrieve visitor’s IP address using PHP
  299. Ubuntu Linux root Password (Default Password)
  300. How to Linux re apply or restore SELinux security labels context
  301. Linux: How to start and stop printer queues
  302. Linux: How to delete a partition with fdisk command
  303. Linux: How to Kill X windows halted, frozen or resource eating application
  304. Apache Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to port 80 or 443 error and solution
  305. Apache Tomcat: Please increase maxThreads error and solution
  306. Linux Wireless card RT61 no scan results
  307. How to: Linux display remote X application over telnet session
  308. Linux: Find out which network card or NIC server is bind or running on
  309. Linux set or change user password how to
  310. Linux command to remove virtual interfaces or network aliases
  311. What is my root password for MySQL?
  312. Linux add a user using command line tools
  313. Linux: Why do I not hear sound when I play an audio CD or mp3 file?
  314. How to convert back Linux ext3 file system to ext2 file system
  315. Access Linux mail server from windows XP
  316. List the contents of a tar or tar.gz file
  317. Linux: How can I find a file on my system?
  318. How to: Linux or UNIX List just directories or directory names
  319. How to include files with PHP
  320. Find out what filesystems my Linux kernel supports
  321. How to use dd command to make a diskette
  322. Warning: Remote Host Identification Has Changed error and solution
  323. Linux Set Date and Time From a Command Prompt
  324. BASH Shell change the color of my shell prompt under Linux or UNIX
  325. Blank screen during a Linux graphical installation
  326. Howto: configure xinetd service under Linux or UNIX systems
  327. up2date command to update Redhat enterprise Linux (RHEL) howto
  328. Debian or Ubuntu Linux runlevel configuration tool to start service
  329. How to use chmod and chown command
  330. RPM database location for backup purpose
  331. Show All Running Processes in Linux
  332. Exclude Certain Files When Creating A Tarball Using Tar Command
  333. MySQL server status with mysqlreport report script
  334. Solaris find out a package which a file belongs to
  335. How do I find out my mail server blacklisted?
  336. Apache Name Based VirtualHost Example
  337. Monitor Linux user activity in real time
  338. Host a domain without CPanel or Plesk Control Panel
  339. Turn on or off color syntax highlighting in vi or vim
  340. Fetch email from a remote server to a local user mailbox
  341. Allow root account to use SSH (openssh)
  342. Where do I download Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
  343. How to turn on or off colors in bash
  344. Linux Disable Hyper Threading for Pentium 4 server GRUB boot loader
  345. Linux vmware VPS server routing problem
  346. Openbsd list open tcp or udp ports
  347. How to install and start the Apache or httpd service under Linux
  348. Shell script error – bad interpreter messages and solution
  349. How to Change the vsftp or vsftpd server banner message
  350. Linux change the runlevel for a server without rebooting
  351. Linux or FreeBSD command to display system time and date
  352. Ubuntu Linux how to set the date and time via Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  353. How to: Detect ARP Spoofing under UNIX or Linux
  354. Where is my Linux GNU C or gcc compiler installed?
  355. How to use Linux as file server
  356. If sshd is restart will any connections be disconnected
  357. Access Windows Shares from Linux
  358. Monitor or sniff Apache http packets
  359. FreeBSD add a user to group
  360. Linux Duplicate packages when querying the rpm databases
  361. MySQL command to show list of databases on server
  362. Linux usernames with capital letters not working
  363. How to install firefox-2.0.tar.gz in Linux
  364. Use sudo or sudoers to start, stop & restart Apache
  365. Linux configure Network Address Translation or NAT
  366. Configure Sendmail SSL encryption for sending and receiving email
  367. Can I run fsck or e2fsck when Linux file system is mounted?
  368. How to uninstall GRUB
  369. Unable to create installation source – Add directories into YaST as an installation source
  370. Boot Ubuntu Linux into Rescue mode to fix system
  371. lofiadm: Solaris Mount an ISO CD Image
  372. grub.conf for Windows vista or xp dual boot
  373. Linux Null route an attackers ip
  374. Change vsftpd ftp server port 21
  375. PHP Linux installation or php upgrade howto
  376. Linux, UNIX set the time zone on a per user basis
  377. Create a mysql database, tables and insert data
  378. Move or migrate user accounts from old Linux server to a new Linux server
  379. How to test or check reverse DNS
  380. Postfix limit incoming or receiving email rate
  381. Make an exact duplicate of a NTFS filesystem partition under Linux
  382. Red Hat Enterprise Linux how do I add a new hard disk for backup?
  383. Ubuntu Linux play encrypted DVDs
  384. Connect to SQL Server from command prompt – list tables and database
  385. Ubuntu Linux install or add php gd support to Apache
  386. Linux format external USB hard disk Partition
  387. Mysql remove duplicate data or rows with DISTINCT
  388. Linux or UNIX change file permissions recursively ( conditional )
  389. Linux Start Restart and Stop The Cron or Crond Service
  390. Linux Disable / Remove The Iptables Firewall
  391. Squid Deny Users Accessing a Website
  392. Change the From: email address in PHP mail()
  393. Linux basic memory test for errors
  394. Linux or UNIX which groups do I belong to?
  395. Linux Passive FTP Not Working Problem And Solution
  396. Linux change or rename user name and UID (user-id)
  397. Run ASP.Net on a Linux, Solaris UNIX, Mac OS X or FreeBSD
  398. Limit the number of Telnet sessions coming from the same remote system
  399. Linux disable or drop / block ping packets all together
  400. Squid content filtering: Block / download of music MP3, mpg, mpeg, exec files
  401. Apache prevent hot linking or leeching of images using mod_rewrite howto
  402. Openbsd change, add or display default gateway
  403. Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access this page error and solution
  404. Linux command – finding and running commands
  405. Setting bash as default shell
  406. Howto: Upgrade Linux Kernel
  407. FreeBSD CPU Information
  408. Unix command to find CPU Utilization
  409. Delete text or paragraph between two sections using sed
  410. Linux SATA controllers not recognize my attached hard disk devices
  411. Ubuntu Linux vsftpd ftp service / server install, configuration howto
  412. Find files by access, modification date under Linux or UNIX
  413. What files are in a RPM package?
  414. Howto: Linux add remove a Linux kernel modules / drivers
  415. Squid NTLM authentication configuration using ntlm_auth
  416. Search all the Linux man pages for a particular command or text
  417. Linux remove or clear the last login information
  418. Howto Secure portmap service using iptables and TCP Wrappers under Linux
  419. Apache server view performance status with mod_status configuration
  420. Solaris add a new swap file for database
  421. Linux configure batch jobs using at command
  422. Howto: Use mysql or run mysql queries from shell script
  423. List installed packages on Linux or FreeBSD / OpenBSD system
  424. Locate files on linux, FreeBSD and UNIX system
  425. Disable Advanced power management (APM) on Linux
  426. Gnome Desktop Keyboard Shortcut Keys
  427. VSFTPD limit the number of simultaneous vsftpd connections for a single IP address
  428. Delete a log files in Linux or UNIX
  429. Shell command or script to write simple output on screen under Linux and UNIX
  430. How to run a script after ppp interface is comes up under Linux
  431. Verify tar command tape backup under Linux or UNIX
  432. Howto reset Admin account locked out of Plesk Control Panel
  433. Linux set sysctl variables
  434. How to: Linux delete or remove kernel
  435. Howto: Adding share in samba server under Linux or UNIX
  436. Howto: Ubuntu Linux install Mplayer software
  437. Plesk type themes for webmin Web hosting control panel
  438. How do I backup Thunderbird mail and profile under Linux?
  439. Enable Linux dual core CPU support for my Server
  440. Howto: Use mount USB Pen under Solaris UNIX
  441. Howto: Create a boot floppy in Solaris UNIX
  442. How to read a file line by line using awk
  443. Howto: Install Linux onto a hard drive using a smart array
  444. Linux Move swap space from one location to another location
  445. How to format date for display or to use in a shell script
  446. Ubuntu Linux Vim Sorry, the command is not available in this version: syntax on
  447. How do I unzip multiple / many files under Linux?
  448. PostgreSQL add or create a user account and grant permission for database
  449. PostgreSQL psql: could not connect to server: Connection refused
  450. Linux display or change a pre-login message – /etc/issue file
  451. Samba mount and access large 2GB+ files from share or NAS device
  452. Perl sprintf: How do I use sprintf in a perl script?
  453. Mount NFS filesystem in two different directories on same system
  454. Create and change to a new directory in a single shell command
  455. Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) install and configure MySQL database
  456. Perl display and pass command ling arguments with @argv
  457. Finding a File containing a particular text string in Linux server
  458. How do I install and search FreeBSD ports or a package?
  459. Lighttpd checking for GTHREAD… configure: error: Package requirements (gthread-2.0 >= 2.4.0) were not met error and solution
  460. Linux Disable or Enable ExecShield Buffer Overflows Protection
  461. Squid proxy How to filter or block a particular port
  462. How do I Logging in remotely from my Desktop into Linux server?
  463. Howto see output of C program in Linux or UNIX
  464. Download or install C, C++ compiler on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL)
  465. Howto disable the iptables firewall in Linux
  466. Howto Red hat enterprise Linux 5 configure the network card
  467. Howto get Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Number
  468. Howto Install pine mail client under Linux
  469. UNIX File Encryption howto
  470. Install PHP 5 in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  471. Howto do I install multimedia plugins, codecs, libdvdcss in Debian Linux etch 4.0
  472. FreeBSD Setting up Firewall using IPFW
  473. How do I enable apache file and directory indexing under Linux or UNIX?
  474. Linux ntpd sendto() Bad file descriptor error and solution
  475. Tweaking php for maximum execution time for script
  476. PHP encryption symmetric program example using crypt to store password in a text file
  477. Linux find out my VIDEO Card Memory RAM size using command line utility
  478. /usr/libexec/mysqld: Can’t create/write to file ‘/tmp/’ (Errcode: 13)
  479. Linux and UNIX Mail Command to send and receive mail
  480. Howto find out information about Unix System
  481. PHP script to find and print the current date and time
  482. Solaris UNIX Tape Backup And Recovery With tar And cpio Commands
  483. Understanding Linux / UNIX root user or superuser and how should I use root on my server?
  484. Linux no space error while creating a bookdisk
  485. Howto apply a patch file to my Linux / UNIX source code
  486. Linux find out graphics card installed in my system
  487. Linux configure or enable serial console by editing GRUB boot loader
  488. AIX UNIX Monitor CPU for optimization and to determine CPU bottlenecks
  489. Email multiple file attachment from Solairs / AIX / HP-UX UNIX/ Linux command line
  490. Howto run a shell script without changing file access permission
  491. Linux Changing DNS Search Order
  492. Howto mount an ISO image in AIX UNIX
  493. How to find which kernel version is installed on my Linux system
  494. Why does my rpm command hangs?
  495. Howto restart inetd service / daemon under Linux
  496. MySQL Empty Database / Delete or Drop All Tables
  497. Howto install thunderbird- in Linux
  498. Ubuntu Linux format USB pen drive
  499. Howto: Linux convert an image between different formats from command prompt
  500. Howto Display text files in a shell script
  501. Howto: Debian / Ubuntu Linux Install PostgreSQL Database Server
  502. Linux / UNIX : Argument list too long error in shell and solution
  503. CentOS Linux install kernel headers to build vmware / 3rd party modules
  504. You need to have the Linux kernel source installed for this driver
  505. RAID for Linux file server for the best READ and WRITE performance
  506. Find subnet mask on UNIX
  507. FreeBSD install VIM text editor
  508. Howto install duplicity rpm under RedHat / CentOS / Fedora Core Linux
  509. How do you take a single line of input from the user in a shell script?
  510. What does a plus + at the beginning of a line in the /etc/passwd UNIX / Linux password file signify?
  511. What is an MX record in DNS entries?
  512. How do I view my Linux or UNIX server bandwidth usage?
  513. How to bind a range of IP’s in Debian / Ubuntu Linux
  514. Howto find out AIX UNIX RAM size memory from command line
  515. What is the difference between UDP and TCP internet protocols?
  516. What command do you run to check file system consistency under UNIX or Linux?
  517. Linux change ip address
  518. Ubuntu download: ISO and DVD file for latest Ubuntu Linux
  519. Linux logout user or logoff user commands
  520. Linux scan wireless card for information
  521. Howto delete empty lines using sed command under Linux / UNIX
  522. CentOS Linux install and configure NTP to synchronize the system clock
  523. Linux find out monitor VertRefresh values and HorizSync rate with ddcprobe
  524. Linux display summary of protocol-level statistics for all network interfaces
  525. Linux command to display package description, information, version and usage
  526. How to add a ssh user in FreeBSD server
  527. Linux turn on kernel preemption
  528. Mount NFS file system over a slow and busy network
  529. How can I play mpegs on Linux?
  530. Howto Linux / UNIX setup SSH with DSA public key authentication (password less login)
  531. What’s wrong with running Linux / UNIX shutdown command on a network?
  532. How do I save or redirect stdout and stderr into different files?
  533. On Linux how many kernel you can compile at the same time and how many kernel you can load in Linux?
  534. Unzip files in particular directory or folder under Linux or UNIX
  535. Dual boot 2 or 3 different Linux distributions on a laptop
  536. Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) install ImageMagick RPM for manipulating images
  537. What is the architecture of Linux?
  538. Linux / UNIX advantage of creating soft links instead of copy a file
  539. Howto find out AIX UNIX CPU information, clock speed
  540. Configure Linux / UNIX dns resolver to append domain search names / path ( ndots options )
  541. How to Delete Exim Email For A Particular User From Mail Server Queue
  542. Does the UNIX or Linux has GUI?
  543. What is the difference between UNIX and MAC OS X?
  544. Linux / UNIX find out size of email account or mailbox
  545. Clear mysql command line history stored in ~/.mysql_history file
  546. Postfix / smtpd : sql_select option missing auxpropfunc error no mechanism available error and solution
  547. Make /etc/inittab changes effective without rebooting Linux server
  548. Linux display each multiple SMP CPU processors utilization individually
  549. What is Cron?
  550. Display the security context associated with files or directories under SELinux kernel
  551. Display or view the perl cgi errors in a web browser
  552. Install Language support in CentOS 5 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  553. Star / Stop FTP server on FreeBSD / OpenBSD
  554. How to install Linux / UNIX *.tar.gz tarball files
  555. OpenBSD install BASH shell package
  556. Update Fedora 7 Linux
  557. How to use bash shell
  558. Linux Machine not authorized to use this PPP address error
  559. Linux / UNIX find files with symbolic links
  560. Turn on or enable BIND DNS server logging to see all queries or for troubleshooting problem
  561. Ubuntu Linux restart network
  562. FreeBSD admin book / handbook
  563. Apache redirect to
  564. Ubuntu Linux Install Oracle Database XE Server
  565. FreeBSD Lighttpd fastcgi php configuration and installation
  566. How do I install FreeBSD kernel source code?
  567. FreeBSD find out RAM size including total amount of free and used memory size
  568. Upgrade WHM / cPanel Linux server to EDGE release
  569. Postfix blacklist or reject an email address
  570. Is my hardware compatible with Linux?
  571. What are the different RAID levels for Linux / UNIX and Windows Server?
  572. Why does Linux top command shows two CPU when I have only one processor?
  573. Postfix setup catch-all email accounts using /etc/postfix/virtual
  574. Force Linux / UNIX bash shell to correct spelling of a directory name
  575. BASH shell insert the arguments to a previous command into the current input line
  576. FTP site at osuosl to download Linux ISO / Software
  577. Linux Formatting a CDRW / DVD Media ( blank media ) Commands
  578. Patch and Update Redhat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 5 server
  579. Buffer I/O error on device fd0, logical block 0 error and simply soultion
  580. Linux / UNIX Setup and Run PHP Script As A Cron Job
  581. Linux NFS Export / share directory to other UNIX / Linux computer
  582. Howto stop or terminate Linux command process with CTRL + C
  583. Clear all Linux / UNIX bash shell aliases
  584. Howto: Linux Dovecot Secure IMAPS / POP3S SSL Server configuration
  585. Linux / UNIX killing a process and restarting the same
  586. HP-UX start or stop / restart OpenSSH SSHD service
  587. Howto: Write script in Perl
  588. Determine / Find ethernet connection speed
  589. Linux change my hostname / computer system name
  590. Howto: Backup CentOS / Fedora Linux / Red Hat Enterprise Linux server system
  591. Linux LILO boot procedure freezes with LI characters (Lilo boot loader LI error)
  592. Howto: Update firefox on Linux
  593. Create / modify keyboard shortcuts in Gnome under Linux / UNIX
  594. UNIX / Linux: vi / vim perform search and replace operation
  595. Shell script put multiple line comment
  596. Linux / UNIX – Display the permissions of a file
  597. Howto: Linux Write protect a file
  598. Linux / UNIX find the smallest directories or files in current directory
  599. Can I use tape drive with XEN VPS / Guest oses?
  600. Linux Command to find the system configuration and hardware information
  601. View log files in Ubuntu Linux
  602. Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 / CentOS 5 monitor and track TCP connections on the network (eth0)
  603. Linux: Openssh (ssh server) deny root user access
  604. How To Use grep Command In Linux / UNIX
  605. FreeBSD install Perl language
  606. Examining the Linux / FreeBSD / UNIX filesystem with ls command
  607. Linux / UNIX: Device files
  608. Understanding command line shell
  609. Freebsd changing password
  610. Linux / UNIX: Virtual consoles (VC)
  611. Linux / UNIX: Print Current Working Directory with pwd command
  612. UNIX / Linux: Absolute Pathnames
  613. Postfix block PDF or ZIP files attachments
  614. Linux / UNIX: Getting help with man page
  615. Linux / UNIX: displays a calendar and the date of easter with cal command
  616. update-rc.d like command on Redhat Enterprise / CentOS Linux
  617. Linux port scanning with netcat (nc) command
  618. Linux deny or block user login
  619. Understanding Linux / UNIX Relative Pathname
  620. FreeBSD pw command examples
  621. Linux / UNIX generate htpasswd to store username and password with htpasswd command
  622. Linux Rules for file names
  623. Redhat enterprise Linux / CentOS installing kernel source code
  624. If else statement in C Program
  625. Linux / Unix: Checking Free Disk Space
  626. BASH Shell setup filename tab-completion case insensitive
  627. Printing output of c program to a file in Linux
  628. How to delete lots of directory at a one time in Linux or UNIX
  629. Linux / UNIX: Display file inode (index number)
  630. Linux laptop media player
  631. Sun Solaris UNIX display list for loaded kenel device driver / modules
  632. Linux: Find out serial / model number and vendor information for SATA and IDE hard disk
  633. Linux / UNIX: Find out or determine if process pid is running
  634. Disable ctrl+alt+del on Centos Linux server
  635. How to backup the remote files in Linux / UNIX
  636. How to: Change User’s bash profile under Linux / UNIX
  637. Linux Copy all the files including subdirectories from DVD / Floppy / CD / Other directory (recursive copy)
  638. Redhat / CentOS Linux list all packages available for installation
  639. Backup CentOS or Redhat Directory Server Database (LDAP)
  640. Linux disable unneeded modules in Apache to save memory
  641. Linux rpm list installed package
  642. Change default Linux / UNIX text editor from VI to Pico
  643. Linux Create User Account
  644. Linux Delete Directory With rmdir Command
  645. Ubuntu Linux stop / disable GNOME GUI ~
  646. Does Linux grub replace Windows MBR?
  647. Linux: Display rpm package architecture
  648. Display or print UNIX / Linux path ~ $PATH variable
  649. Disable SELinux for only Apache / httpd in Linux
  650. Redhat / CentOS / Fedora Linux Open Port
  651. Hide the Apache Web Server Version number with ServerSignature and ServerTokens directives
  652. Linux change the directory for kdump to put its vmcore files
  653. OpenBSD set up default boot time by modifying boot.conf file
  654. UNIX / Linux: copy master boot record (MBR)
  655. Suse Linux install vmware tools
  656. Can’t re-open pipe to command substitution (fd 4): No child processes error and solution
  657. How do I enable laptop mode to improve Linux laptop battery life?
  658. Troubleshoot Linux / UNIX bind dns server zone problems with named-checkzone tool
  659. Linux / UNIX: Cannot Preserve Ownership Error when Files are Moved or Copied
  660. Squid Proxy Sever View logs / log files
  661. Backup CentOS Linux RPM database
  662. /etc/network/interfaces Ubuntu Linux networking example
  663. How to: Linux / UNIX create soft link with ln command
  664. Block ip address of spammers with iptables under Linux
  665. Can I create another root user account in Linux / UNIX?
  666. Install Multimedia Codecs For Ubuntu Linux
  667. How to run the .sh file in shell script in Linux / UNIX
  668. Change MySQL root password
  669. UNIX / Linux list current logged in users
  670. How do I find out my Linux gateway / router IP address?
  671. OpenBSD Install MySQL Server
  672. Linux taskset to retrieve or set a processess CPU affinity
  673. Killing processes in UNIX
  674. FreeBSD send mail with attachments from command line / shell prompt
  675. Ubuntu Linux Backup MySQL server Shell Script
  676. Linux / UNIX command to open .gz files
  677. Cannot ping Linux / UNIX / Windows server by name but can ping by its IP address
  678. How to: Transfer MySQL database from one server to another UNIX / Linux server
  679. How to: Linux / UNIX setup Squid Proxy authentication
  680. Ubuntu Linux: Start / stop / restart OpenSSH / ssh server
  681. FreeBSD start / stop / restart MySQL Server
  682. How to create a hard links in Linux / UNIX
  683. How to use shutdown command under Ubuntu Linux
  684. How to: Turning off SFTP server under Linux / UNIX cpanel server
  685. How to Set JAVA_HOME / PATH variables Under Linux Bash Profile
  686. Linux: Find out what kernel drivers (modules) are loaded
  687. How To: Disable Firewall on RHEL / CentOS / RedHat Linux
  688. Ubuntu Linux download and install Skype Software
  1. How to: Find Out Hard Disk Specs / Details on Linux
  2. List or Check Installed Linux Kernels
  3. Ubuntu Linux: Uninstall / Remove Any Installed Software
  4. Linux / UNIX: Clear bash history
  5. Linux: find out information about current domain name and host name
  6. How you can run a c program in Linux?
  7. How to: Run a shell script with nohup command
  8. Pass command line argument to bash alias command
  9. Turn on telnet server on Debian Linux
  10. How to: Create Files in Linux from a Bash Shell Prompt
  11. Configure Postfix for DNS Blackhole Lists such as / database
  12. Shell script reverse lines of a file
  13. FreeBSD: Get / Read Hard Disk Temperature using smartd tools
  14. Linux: Find my IP address using Perl at a shell prompt
  15. How to: Find Out Whether a UNIX / Linux Process Is Running or Not
  16. Lighttpd virtualhost configuration ~ name-based virtual hosting
  17. Ubuntu Linux: Upgrade Linux Kernel
  18. How to Update Ubuntu Linux
  19. Linux Download and Install Marvell SATA driver for Sun X4500 Sever
  20. Linux / UNIX: Getting information about reboots and shutdowns
  21. Ubuntu Linux: Delete directory command in Terminal
  22. Download and Install csh / tcsh shell on Linux
  23. Debian / Ubuntu Linux search package names with apt-cache command
  24. Debian / Ubuntu linux install kernel headers package
  25. Find out my Linux distribution name and version
  26. Zipping a directory in Linux terminal
  27. Linux View Hard Drive Partitions with fdisk and parted commands
  28. Squid proxy authentication in transparent mode
  29. Squid Proxy Server Mac Address based filtering
  30. How to: Allow telnet and ssh through iptables under Linux
  31. Delete all root mail / inbox from a shell prompt
  32. Linux View / display a logfile in real time on screen
  33. Linux / UNIX: Generating random password with mkpasswd
  34. Linux list hardware information
  35. CentOS Linux apply package updates
  36. Linux logged out a user automatically
  37. How to: Find the inode size of an ext2 / ext3 filesystem
  38. RHEL 4: Find up2date command module / library dependencies
  39. Fedora / CentOS / RHEL Linux change default desktop or display manager
  40. CentOS / RHEL Linux Install Postgresql Database Server
  41. Restore a backup of a MySQL Database Server
  42. How to: Stop X.Org Server
  43. Linux list all IROs currently in use
  44. Linux Force DHCP client (dhclient) to renew ip address
  45. Debian / Ubuntu Linux Connect to an iSCSI Volume
  46. Change 3d Compiz Settings
  47. Linux nice command: Run Process With Modified Scheduling Priority ( nicenesses )
  48. How to compile program under Linux / UNIX / FreeBSD
  49. Red Hat / CentOS Linux Setting a Default Gateway
  50. Lighttpd as you compiled without pcre support error and solution
  51. How to Tunnel X Windows Securely over SSH
  52. How to: Measure the Lateceny and Throughput of Apache / Lighttpd / IIS Webserver
  53. Bash Shell Check Whether a Directory is Empty or Not
  54. How to: Detect Duplicate IP Address With arping command under Linux
  55. Redhat / CentOS / Fedora Linux Install XCache for PHP 5
  56. Linux: Resetting a user’s password
  57. Understanding Bash fork() bomb ~ :(){ :|:& };:
  58. Bash Shell: Replace a string with another string in all files using sed and perl -pie
  59. How to: create a temporary file securely
  60. UNIX: Remove a file with a name starting with – character
  61. How to: Log connections made by user for any service under Linux
  62. Apache Web Server Prevent Directory / Folder Listing
  63. Find the file permission without using ls -l command
  64. RHEL / CentOS Linux FTP Cron Job for automatic ftp backup
  65. How to: Open Ssh Port 22 on Linux APF Firewall under CentOS / RHEL
  66. How do I find out my DHCP server address?
  67. Linux install and configure pound reverse proxy for Apache http / https web server
  68. Explain Linux / UNIX dot-files
  69. Linux Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Ethernet Interface Requirements and Configuration
  70. Ubuntu Linux NFS Server installation and Configuration
  71. Linux / UNIX set the DNS from the command line
  72. Linux Copy One Hard Disk to Another Using dd Command
  73. How to Create Bootable Linux CD
  74. Linux install and configure an AMANDA backup client
  75. Understanding Linux / UNIX tr command
  76. Configure Linux DHCP client ( dhclient ) to persistently look for an IP address lease
  77. How do I find out Linux System Memory Utilization?
  78. Linux Configure Jumbo Frames to Boost Network Performance / Throughput
  79. Truss like command under Linux to monitor and diagnostic the system calls
  80. Linux Find Out Virtual Memory PAGESIZE
  81. Find Linux / UNIX Kernel Version
  82. Linux List All Outdated Packages Which Could be Updated and Applied to System
  83. Debian / Ubuntu Linux: List All Packages Which Could be Updated and Applied to System
  84. Linux Optimize Directories ( File Access Time ) in ext3 Filesystem
  85. What do I do if my Linux Server / Workstation does not boot?
  86. Safely Remove / Delete Old Linux Kernel from a Linux Server
  87. Linux Set the Block Size for a SCSI Tape Device
  88. How to: Snoop / View Other Linux Shell User Typescript of Terminal Session
  89. Stop Ubuntu / Debian Linux From Deleting /tmp Files on Boot
  90. DHCP Client Error: mv cannot move /etc/resolv.conf.dhclient-new to /etc/resolv.conf: Operation not permitted
  91. Linux Password Cracking: Explain unshadow and john commands ( john the ripper tool )
  92. Linux Iptables ip_conntrack: table full, dropping packet error and solution
  93. Shell Scripting: Convert Uppercase to Lowercase
  94. HP-UX UNIX: Start / Stop and Configure Cron Services
  95. Remove Shutdown and Reboot Option from Linux GUI Login Screen ( GDM Setup )
  96. HP-UX UNIX Configure an NTP Server
  97. How to: Recompiling / Rebuild Debian / Ubuntu Linux Binary Source File Packages
  98. Debian Linux Configure Network Interface Cards – IP address and Netmasks
  99. Linux Set Up Routing with ip Command
  100. Linux Firewall: Display Status and Rules of Iptables Firewall
  101. Debian / Ubuntu Linux Setting a Default Gateway
  102. CentOS / Redhat Linux Internet Connection Sharing
  103. nslookup / host Dns Client Testing Command Not Found on Debian / Ubuntu Linux
  104. Linux Detecting / Checking Rootkits with Chkrootkit and rkhunter Software
  105. How to: HP-UX UNIX Backup and Recover Data to Tape Device
  106. Router ARP Cache is Not Releasing Linux / UNIX Server IP address
  107. Fingerprint / Identify Remote Web Server
  108. How To Flush Linux / UNIX DNS Cache
  109. How do I Load / Start RHEL / CentOS / Fedora Linux Iptables Firewall on Computer Boot?
  110. Grep compressed (.gz) files at a shell prompt
  111. ICMP IP Network Scanning / Probing using a Shell Commands
  112. Debian / Ubuntu Linux WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! Error and Solution
  113. How To Check and Use Serial Ports Under Linux
  114. Clear Linux / UNIX BASH Shell Command Line Cache / History
  115. FreeBSD Install gnupg Cryptographic Software
  116. How To Upgrade FreeBSD 6.2 to FreeBSD 6.3 ( Minor Update ) using freebsd-update utility
  117. Ubuntu Linux Install Sun Java Development Kit ( JDK ) and Java Runtime Environment ( JRE )
  118. FreeBSD Set a Default Route / Gateway
  119. FreeBSD Static Routing Configuration
  120. OpenSSH Change a Passphrase With ssh-keygen command
  121. Debian Linux Stop SSH User Hacking / Cracking Attacks with DenyHosts Software
  122. Why and How To Customize a UNIX / Linux User Account?
  123. HP-UX UNIX Mount CDROM ( CDFS ) Filesystem Command
  124. FreeBSD Find Out all Installed Hard Disk Information
  125. Squid Block any Domain Name Accessing the Internet
  126. FreeBSD Set Speed Duplex For My Network Card ( NIC )
  127. Linux BIND DNS Configure Sender Policy Framework ( SPF ) an e-mail Anti Forgery System
  128. Debian / Ubuntu Linux Install and Configure Remote Filesystem Snapshot with rsnapshot Incremental Backup Utility
  129. Ping IPv6 IP Address With ping6 Command
  130. Configuring Linux Static DHCP Clients by Sending Host Name
  131. How To Test Linux Operating System for IPv6 Networking Support
  132. FreeBSD Configure NIC Jumbo Frames
  133. FreeBSD VLAN Configuration
  134. Linux / UNIX Find Out What Program / Service is Listening on a Specific TCP Port
  135. Solaris UNIX Add Static Routes
  136. Display the Natted / Routed Connections on a Linux Iptable Firewall
  137. renice command: Change the Priority of a Already Running Process
  138. chrt command: Set / Manipulate Real Time Attributes of a Linux Process
  139. Reconfiguring FreeBSD Ports – Remove OPTIONS config For Any Port
  140. FreeBSD WARNING: Vulnerability Database Out of Date, Checking Anyway Error and Solution
  141. -bash: enable: PrinterName: not a shell builtin Error and Solution
  142. yum command: Update / Install Packages Under Redhat Enterprise / CentOS Linux Version 5.x
  143. FreeBSD iSCSI Initiator Installation and Configuration
  144. How To Upgrade FreeBSD 6.3 to 7.0 Stable Release
  145. Remove Linux User From a Secondary Group ( Supplementary Groups )
  146. Linux / UNIX: List Open Files for Process
  147. Finding All Hosts On the LAN From Linux / Windows Workstation
  148. Is There a UNIX / Linux unerase / undelete Command?
  149. Linux Share a Dial Up Internet Connection
  150. How To Search Shell Command History
  151. Run crontab Every 10 Minutes
  152. Ubuntu Linux Start / Restart / Stop Apache Web Server
  153. Linux route add command
  154. Linux Download
  155. Open Source Photoshop Software
  156. Linux sudo Configuration
  157. How To Tell If Your Linux Server Uses xinetd OR inetd sever
  158. Linux Hard Disk Format Command
  159. Install OpenSSH Server on Asus EEE PC
  160. BASH Shell: How To Redirect stderr To stdout ( redirect stderr to a File )
  161. FreeBSD Disable /etc/rc.d Services Which Started Up At Initial Boot Time
  162. Understanding Routing Table
  163. Find Out Linux Kernel Modules ( Drivers ) Location / Directory
  164. Debian / Ubuntu Linux Find Out What Package Provides a File
  165. Where Does The PHP Error Log Reside
  166. Diagnosing a dos Attack Under Linux
  167. FreeBSD Display Environment Settings
  168. What is My root Password for MySQL Database Server?
  169. How To Run Linux Web Server / Service on Private IP Network
  170. FreeBSD Install Applications
  171. Apache Web Server .htaccess File Configuration Not working
  172. CentOS / Red Hat / Fedora Linux Turn off Beep / Bell Terminal Sound
  173. Linux Track NFS Directory / Disk I/O Stats
  174. Explain: Red Hat Linux RPM Relocatable and Not Relocatable Packages
  175. How do I install an RPM package into a different directory?
  176. Restore Selected Files From Secondary Backup Hard Disk
  177. How To Identify Server ECC Memory Modules
  178. What Would Cause a Lot of ARP Broadcasts From One System / Machine
  179. How To Restart Linux NFS Server Properly When Network Become Unavailable
  180. Linux Failure (4322): Configuration Initialization Failed – Error and Solution
  181. How To Use rsync Command To Backup Directory Under Linux
  182. Linux Check The Health of Adaptec RAID array
  183. FreeBSD Configure Apache 2.2 PHP with FastCGI mod_fcgi Module
  184. Linux / UNIX Display Lines Common in Two Files
  185. Sed Find and Display Text Between Two Strings or Words
  186. FreeBSD Install Strace – A Process Tracer And Debugging Tool
  187. FreeBSD Mount /proc File System Command
  188. Apache Log POST Data To A Log File
  189. Shell Script To Number Lines Of Files
  190. Accessing A Single iSCSI LUN From Multiple Linux Systems
  191. Start Iptables under Linux
  192. Linux yum command deleted
  193. Restart Httpd Server
  194. Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress
  195. Find and Delete File If It Is More Than One Hour Old in UNIX Shell
  196. Installing Apache, PHP and mod_ssl on MS Windows
  197. Ubuntu Linux Install and Configure Ndiswrapper and wpa_supplicant
  198. Linux Install and Configure Netgear WG311 Marvell 88w8335 Rev 03 Chipset Wireless Card
  199. LimitRequestBody: Apache Limiting User Upload File Size
  200. How To Extract a Single File / Directory from Tarball Archive
  201. What Is Tux Web Server and How do I Use it?
  202. ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified Error and Solution
  203. How To Use wget With Username and Password for FTP / HTTP File Retrieval
  204. Linux / FreeBSD: Multiple IP Addresses on One Interface
  205. OpenBSD Set / Configure Time Zone
  206. OpenBSD Set Date and Time
  207. OpenBSD Change Hostname
  208. OpenBSD Install Ports Collection
  209. MySQL Run SQL Queries From A Shell Prompt / Command Line
  210. Linux Read CPU Temperature Sensor Chip Data
  211. Linux Change Default User Home Directory While Adding A New User
  212. Search Multiple Words / String Pattern Using grep Command
  213. Explain Usage Of The Linux Left Bracket /usr/bin/[ Command
  214. OpenBSD Set / Change Default Gateway
  215. How To AIX UNIX Configure TCP/IP Networking ( NIC )
  216. How To Open .TBZ ( tar.bz2 ) File Under Linux / UNIX
  217. How do I find a Unix / Linux command?
  218. How To Start and Stop MySQL Database Server From A Shell Prompt
  219. OpenBSD Change / Set IP Address For Network Interface
  220. OpenBSD Restart Networking Service
  221. How To Use Proxy Server To Access Internet at Shell Prompt With http_proxy Variable
  222. FreeBSD Accounting: Install and Configure System Activity Reporter (SAR)
  223. Can RAID Act As The Reliable BACKUP Solution For Linux / UNIX / Windows Server?
  224. Reboot Linux System Command
  225. Bash Shell Loop Over Set of Files
  226. MySQL List Databases
  227. How To Show Line Numbers In vi / vim Text Editor
  228. vi / vim Print Line Numbers on Hardcopies / Printer
  229. Apache redirect to
  230. Linux Verify crond Daemon And Cronjobs Are Running
  231. CentOS / Red Hat Linux Install VSFTPD FTP Server
  232. vi / vim Auto complete File Name While Editing Files
  233. UNIX Find A File Command
  234. Unix Create a Symbolic Link
  235. UNIX / Linux Find File Owner Name
  236. Linux Restart IMAP Services ( dovecot IMAP server )
  237. How To Find and Overcome Shell Command Line Length Limitations
  238. Linux Mount Solaris x86 UNIX UFS Partitions
  239. Moving Around With vim (keyboard short cuts)
  240. How do I know When I Need To Update My Linux System Software?
  241. How do I Be More Productive In Vim?
  242. Best Method To Reboot Remote Linux / Windows / UNIX Server
  243. Postfix SASL ERROR: Password not accepted from server: 535 5.7.0 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure
  244. Linux Find Out If the PCIe / AGP / VGA Driver IS Installed OR NOT [ Radeon X1550 64 bit ]
  245. Linux Suspend / Hibernate Functionality Support
  246. Linux / UNIX View Only Configuration File Directives ( uncommented lines of a config file )
  247. Linux tar: /dev/st0: Cannot write: Invalid argument error and solution
  248. Linux Copy File Command ( cp command examples )
  249. Configure BASH, KSH, TCSH, ZSH Shell To Logout User Automatically After Idle Time
  250. How To Secure Apache Proxy Server (mod_proxy)
  251. Red Hat / CentOS Linux Install Cluster Suite Software
  252. Apply package updates from the Red Hat Network (RHN) For Red Hat Linux Server
  253. Re register Linux Server System with RHN ( Red Hat Network )
  254. Explain: Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3 / Tier 4 Data Center
  255. Linux Change The I/O Scheduler For A Hard Disk
  256. APF Linux Firewall Open Port 22 From Specific / Selected IP Address Only
  257. Linux Mail Delivery Failed With DNS Service Unavailable Error and Solution
  258. kpartx: Linux Create Device Maps From Partition Tables ( mpath devices for partitions )
  259. UNIX / Linux Decompress tgz / tar.gz Files
  260. Bind Postfix Mail Server To Localhost or Specific IP Address Only
  261. Display Apache Server Status with mod_status
  262. Free Redhat Software
  263. Red Hat Certification
  264. Apache Log Files
  265. Stop / Restart Lighttpd Web Server
  266. Free DNS Server Software
  267. Free DNS Server
  268. DNS Name Resolution
  269. Ubuntu / Debian Linux: Install Monit Linux Server Monitoring Utility
  270. Monit: Monitor SSHD Server and Auto Restart SSH If It Does Not Respond
  271. Ubuntu / Debian Linux Regenerate OpenSSH Host Keys
  272. Force yum update Command To Exclude Certain Packages
  273. Linux yum command skip updating packages
  274. Run SSH In The background After Running a GUI Linux Application
  275. Squid Proxy WARNING! Your cache is running out of filedescriptors error and solution
  276. How To: UNIX Add A User To A Group
  277. How To Set Caching DNS Server
  278. CentOS / Red Hat Linux Find Out Latest Available Updated Package or Kernel Version
  279. How To Install firefox-3.0.tar.bz2 in Linux
  280. Linux Configure Intel 4965 PRO Wireless Card
  281. Linux Check Health of 3ware RAID Array
  282. Ubuntu Linux Configure Gateway / Default Routing IP Address
  283. Ubuntu Linux Configure DNS Name Server IP Address ( DNS Client )
  284. Debian / Ubuntu Linux: Send Automatic Email Notification When Security Upgrades Available
  285. Firefox 3 Install Firebug Addon Software
  286. Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Apply package updates from the Red Hat Network (RHN)
  287. Ubuntu Linux Install Firefox 3 Web browser
  288. Linux Virtual Network Interfaces Go Down When I bring Down eth0:0
  289. Linux Recover From A Lost Software RAID device (Rebuild RAID 5 Software Array)
  290. Linux Software RAID – Failed to RUN_ARRAY /dev/md0 invalid argument Error and Solution
  291. FreeBSD make: don't know how to make buildkernel. Stop Error and Solution
  292. Freebsd: /libexec/ Shared object "" not found Error and Solution
  293. Linux Disabling Squid Proxy Server
  294. Install VMware Tools In Ubuntu Linux ( VMwareTools-1.0.5-8017.tar.gz file )
  295. Disable and Uninstall APF Firewall Script
  296. FreeBSD cvsup: Update The FreeBSD From Previous Releases Using Source Code
  297. Restart / Update init Configuration File /etc/inittab After Changes Without Rebooting Server
  298. Linux CD / DVD Locked and Drive Is Not Opening / Ejecting CD
  299. UNIX / Linux Command To Check Existing Groups and Users
  300. Understanding /var/account/pacct OR /var/account/acct – Acct File Format
  301. Apache Web Server Cache Frequently Used Files To Improve Performance
  302. How To Take A Screenshot Using Linux tvtime Application
  303. How To Set BIND9 With Go Daddy Registered Domain
  304. How Do I Update The Root Hints Data File for BIND Named Server?
  305. Debian / Ubuntu Linux Public key Blacklisted (see ssh-vulnkey(1)) Error and Solution
  306. How To Hide BIND DNS Sever Version
  307. FreeBSD ERROR: (8011-323-1057) Failed to allocate memory and Solution
  308. FreeBSD Configure IPv6 Networking / Static IP Address
  309. How To Set Red hat / CentOS Linux Remote Backup / Snapshot Server
  310. FreeBSD Install BASH Shell
  311. Throttle The Disk I/O Rate: Limit disk I/O for rsync Tool
  312. How To Simulate Linux Package Upgrade Without Installing Anything ( Dry Run )
  313. How To Reset Linux Firewall Automatically While Testing Configuration With Remote Server Over SSH Session
  314. FreeBSD Install and Configure Webmin Web-based Interface ( Control Panel )
  315. tspc: Debian / Ubuntu Linux Configure IPv6 Tunnel
  316. Vim Editing Multiple Files and Windowing Support Under Linux / UNIX
  317. FreeBSD Install Logwatch Tool For Log Analysis and Monitoring
  318. Find Out Which Commands Were Run on My Linux Server
  319. How To Download a RPM Package Using yum Command Without Installing On Linux
  320. FreeBSD / OpenBSD: PF Firewall Filter Large Number Of Subnets and IP Address
  321. Monit: Monitor BIND 9 (named) Name Server and Auto Restart SSH If It Does Not Respond
  322. How To Specify and Browse Website Using IPv6 Address With Firefox, Opera Web Browser
  323. Debian / Ubuntu Linux Install ntop To See Network Usage / Network Status
  324. How To Patch / Upgrade BIND 9.x Under FreeBSD Operating System
  325. Access Any Remote Server Port Without Modifying Firewall Settings
  326. Find Out If My DNS Server Free From DNS Cache Poisoning Bug Or Not
  327. FreeBSD Install lsof To Displays Information About Files Open to Unix processes
  328. Find Out Vmware Server Version Under Linux Server
  329. How To Setup Vanity DNS Name Server Using BIND 9
  330. How To Find Hard Disk Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) Speed From A Shell Prompt
  331. How To Ping IPv6 Address Using Windows Vista / Xp or Windows Server 2008 / 2003 Server
  332. Understanding CentOS Default -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -p 50 -j ACCEPT Firewall Rule
  333. CentOS Linux Install Core Development Tools Automake, Gcc (C/C++), Perl, Python & Debuggers
  334. How To Find BASH Shell Array Length ( number of elements )
  335. Install RRDTool on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  336. Install ntop on Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS Linux
  337. Red Hat / CentOS Linux: Explain Use of Network Interface virbr0
  338. PHP.INI settings: Disable exec, shell_exec, system, popen and Other Functions To Improve Security
  339. FreeBSD dnstop: Monitor and Display DNS Server Traffic On Your Network
  340. Linux Error: curses.h: No such file or directory Problem Solution
  341. BSD FTP-Proxy: PF Firewall Allow Outgoing Active / Passive FTP Connections
  342. How To Back Up a Web Server
  343. How To Automate a Remote Login Using SSH
  344. FreeBSD php5-posix-5.2.6 has known vulnerabilities error – Stop in /usr/ports/sysutils/php5-posix.
  345. FreeBSD Install Munin Network and System Monitoring Application
  346. dnstop: Monitor BIND DNS Server (DNS Network Traffic) From a Shell Prompt
  347. Linux Blog Software
  348. Connect A Linux Server To A Windows Server 2003 or 2008 / Vista / XP Computer
  349. psad: Linux Detect And Block Port Scan Attacks In Real Time
  350. Ubuntu Linux Install GDesklets GNOME Program
  351. Linux Create a Custom Gnome Login Desktop Screen
  352. FreeBSD Find Out Network Card / Port Speed
  353. Linux: pathmunge Command in Shell Script
  354. UNIX / Linux: Set your PATH Variable using set or export command
  355. Linux: How To Copy and Paste From the Command Line
  356. WebEx Linux
  357. Linux LVM error VG meta data inconsistent and Solution
  358. Linux: Recover Corrupted Partition From A Bad Superblock
  359. View Installation / Uninstallation Script Inside The RPM File
  360. Red Hat Linux Static Routing Configuration
  361. yum problems: Skip Packages With Broken Dependencies When Upgrading System
  362. psql: FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user "username" Error and Solution
  363. How To Reuse SSH Connection To Speed Up Remote Login Process
  364. Ubuntu Linux Disable control-alt-delete [CTRL-ALT-DEL] Emergency Keypress Handling
  365. Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS Linux Enable EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) Repository
  366. BASH: Prepend A Text / Lines To a File
  367. Configure BIND DNS Server to Listen Only On Certain IP Address or Network Interface
  368. PHP Redirect To Another URL / Page Script
  369. PHP Print array
  370. Linux: Check Ram Speed and Type
  371. BIND: Stop Recursion DNS Under Linux / UNIX
  372. Find File on Linux
  373. MySQL: Change Default Port Under Linux / UNIX
  374. Vbulltin PHP Xcache Displaying Same Forum Data For Both Boards Error and Solution
  375. FreeBSD: How To Add A Second Hard Disk
  376. pdfimages: Extract and Save Images From A Portable Document Format ( PDF ) File
  377. Linux: Run Quicken Personal Finance Management Software
  378. Bash Shell: Ignore Aliases / Functions When Running A Command
  379. Debian / Ubuntu Linux Install NTPD To Synchronism Clock With Internet Standard Time Servers
  380. Find command: Exclude / Ignore Files ( Ignore Hidden .dot Files )
  381. TCPDump: Capture and Record Specific Protocols / Port
  382. Linux Gnome: Networkmanger Connects To Wrong Default Wireless Access Point
  383. FreeBSD csh / tcsh: Export Shell Variable
  384. Red Hat / CentOS Linux: Enable and Install Media, CD / DVD, Moive MP3 Players
  385. x86_64 Linux Error: gnu/stub-32.h missing error and solution
  386. How To: Make Sure /etc/resolv.conf Never Get Updated By DHCP Client
  387. Linux / UNIX: Create Username or Groups in UPPER Case
  388. Explain: Five Nines ( 99.999% ) Computer / Network Uptime Concept
  389. BSD PF Firewall: Displays Active Packetfilter States And Rules
  390. Can I Run Pidgin on Mac OS X?
  391. How To Write First UNIX Korn Shell Script Program
  392. Linux / UNIX: Find Volume Information From CDs and ISO Images
  393. How To Upgrade FreeBSD Jail ( OS Level Virtualization )
  394. Linux: Force Users To Change Their Passwords Upon First Login
  395. Thunderbird Move Mail / Settings From Desktop Computer To Laptop
  396. sshpass: Login To SSH Server / Provide SSH Password Using A Shell Script
  397. ip6tables: IPv6 Firewall For Linux
  398. Red Hat / CentOS Linux Install Suhosin PHP 5 Protection Security Patch
  399. CentOS / Red Hat Linux Install PHP 5.x PECL Filter Extension
  400. Linux / UNIX Shell: Sort IP Address
  401. FreeBSD: Cannot load /usr/local/libexec/apache22/ into server: /usr/local/libexec/apache22/
  402. Linux X11 Connection Rejected Because of Wrong Authentication Error and Solution
  403. FreeBSD: Apache httpready filter – Failed to enable the 'httpready' Accept Filter
  404. Apache Error Client Denied By Server Configuration
  405. Shell: How To Remove Duplicate Text Lines
  406. PHP: Verify And Sanitize Email Address
  407. Linux / UNIX: Change Crontab Email Settings ( MAILTO )
  408. How To Find Files by Content Under UNIX
  409. FreeBSD Install mod_security For The Apache HTTPD Server
  410. Where Does Linux Save Wireless Card Settings?
  411. How To Select Best Linux Desktop Application
  412. Explain: #!/bin/bash - or #!/bin/bash -- In A Shell Script
  413. Linux Error: Page Allocation Failure and Solution
  414. FreeBSD Apache Jail: Connection refused: connect to listener on Error and Solution
  415. Alarm clock: How To Set Timeout For A Shell Command
  416. How To Use UUID To Mount Partitions / Volumes Under Ubuntu Linux
  417. How To Limit The Growth Of UNIX / Linux Log Files
  418. How To Read / Print $PATH Shell Variable
  419. Linux: Scan An Image With HP Scanners
  420. FreeBSD: Load Kernel Module at Runtime
  421. Find Out If Patch Number ( CVE ) Has Been Applied To RHEL / CentOS Linux
  422. FreeBSD Enable PF ALTQ Firewall Support
  423. FreeBSD: Mount /usr/ports Inside Jail
  424. Freebsd makeinfo: not found Error and Solution
  425. UNIX Shell: Find Out Real Path Of File ( Directory )
  426. FreeBSD: Install PHP xcache Opcode Cacher
  427. PHP Not Accepting <? Tag; Only Accepting >?php and <script> Tag
  428. FreeBSD Configure Apache PHP with mod_fastcgi Module
  429. Ubuntu Linux: Install Eclipse Java Integrated Development Environment
  430. FreeBSD Install and Configure Apache Web Server
  431. FreeBSD Install Nginx Webserver
  432. FreeBSD: Nginx FastCGI PHP Configuration
  433. FreeBSD: Start / Stop / Restart Nginx Web Server
  434. FreeBSD: Nginx Virtual Hosting Configuration
  435. FreeBSD: Find Out If Particular Kernel Feature Compiled Or Not
  436. Linux: Find Out If a Particular Driver / Feature Compiled Into Running Kernel or Not
  437. PHP Send Email
  438. How To Find Apache Document Root
  439. Linux Start an Apache Web Server
  440. Linux / UNIX: Administer The Printer From a Web Browser
  441. Disable Caps Lock Key in Linux
  442. Trace Network Routes
  443. Linux: Stop Programs Quitting When the Terminal Is Closed
  444. Linux / UNIX Shell: Sort Date
  445. Ubuntu Linux: Firefox and Desktop Application Fix Smooth Font Problem ( Render Font Correctly )
  446. Copy Shell Prompt Output To Linux / UNIX X Clipboard Directly
  447. PHP Find / Extract Substrings
  448. Disable a Firewall In Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  449. Linux CDROM: Lost Interrupt / status=0×59 (0×40) DriverReady SeekComplete DataRequest Error and Solution
  450. Upgrade From Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 To Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex
  451. Upgrade Ubuntu Hardy Heron Server 8.04 To Ubuntu Server 8.10 Intrepid Ibex
  452. Bash For Loop Examples
  453. Edit a File When You Are Viewing It Using more / less Command
  454. Start / Stop / Restart Apache 2 Web Server
  455. Linux Disable X Window System
  456. Apache: [warn] _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 80, the first has precedence Error and Solution
  457. PF Firewall Open FTP Port 21 (PASSIVE Configuration)
  458. Linux Install tor and privoxy To Communicate Anonymously On the Internet
  459. Redhat / CentOS Linux Install JBoss Application Server
  460. Linux: How Do I Burn ISO Images To CD-Rs and CD-RWs with cdrecord?
  461. Linux: How Do I Create a New ext3 File System If a Disk Was Added To The Server / Desktop?
  462. Linux Gnome: Add Open Terminal Here / Open Shell Prompt Here Right Click Menu To a File Manager
  463. HowTo: Find the GNOME Desktop Version
  464. RedHat Linux: Apply Package Updates from the Red Hat Network ( RHN )
  465. pdftotext: Linux / UNIX Convert a PDF File To Text Format
  466. Grep Words From a File
  467. Debian / Ubuntu: Apache2 Change Default Port / IP Binding
  468. Linux Open Port 80 (HTTP Web Server Port)
  469. Linux mount CIFS Windows Share
  470. Linux 64 bit Server
  471. Install Flash on Linux 64 bit
  472. Edit DNS Configuration Files
  473. Linux SATA Drive is Being Displayed as /dev/hda Instead Of /dev/sda
  474. What is Big Iron UNIX Computer?
  475. FreeBSD Stop IPFW Firewall
  476. Update FreeBSD Using Proxy Server (csup / portsnap proxy update)
  477. VSFTPD: Force Upload Only No Downloads
  478. HP-UX: Boot Into Single User Mode
  479. Detecting DoS / DDoS Attack on a Windows 2003 / 2008 Server
  480. Reboot UNIX System Command
  481. Shutdown UNIX Command
  482. Linux Find Out CPU Support 36-bit Physical Addressing Or Not
  483. Fedora 10 Upgrade
  484. FreeBSD Obtain and Install Ports File in /usr/ports
  485. Red Hat / CentOS Linux: Apache Enable WebDAV
  486. Linux Detecting: Second CPU / Processor
  487. Sudo is Not Prompting For a Password When Re-executed Second Time
  488. List the contents of a tar.bz2
  489. Configure HTTPD to Listen Multiple Ports
  490. Linux bnx2: eth1: No interrupt was generated using MSI, switching to INTx mode
  491. Linux: ifdown eth0:0 brings down all other virtual network interfaces
  492. Mail delivery: DNS: Service unavailable error
  493. Linux: Tune NFS Performance
  494. Tar Extract a Single File(s) From a Large Tarball
  495. Ubuntu Linux: Install KDE 4.2
  496. Extract tar.gz File
  497. tsort: UNIX / Linux Perform Topological Sort
  498. Fedora 10 Enable GUI Root Login
  499. BASH Shell: Test If a File Is Writable or Not
  500. Red Hat Set a Subscription Number Un a Kickstart File
  501. KSH For Loop Examples
  502. Bash For Loop Spaces
  503. Linux bash for loop
  504. Bash For Loop Array: Iterate Through Array Values
  505. Dedicated Server Hosting
  506. sed Insert a Newline Into the RHS of a Substitution
  507. sed Find and Replace ASCII Control Codes / Nonprintable Characters
  508. sed Case Insensitive Search Matching
  509. IP Trace Command In Bash
  510. Ubuntu Change IP
  511. Ubuntu Static IP
  512. Ubuntu Restart Network
  513. MySQL Bin Files Eating Lots of Disk Space
  514. Linux Find Large Files
  515. Windows Server Enable Audio Over RDP
  516. Microsoft Windows RDP Audio Driver Not Working
  517. What’s New in MS-SQL 2008
  518. Windows Delete File Securely / Permanently Delete File Data
  519. Domain Redirection Using a PHP Script
  520. Proftpd: Make Sure FTP Client Does Not Timeout
  521. Debian / Ubuntu: Search For Packages Using Apt Command Line
  522. Linux: Skip or Bypass a Fsck
  523. MS-SQL: Run a SQL Script on Database Server
  524. cPanel: Update Exim Mail Server
  525. Find out Apache Version
  526. PHP: Stop Notice and Variable Warnings in Error Log Files
  527. FreeBSD pkg_add: warning: package php5-pcre-5.2.6_2 requires php5-5.2.8, but php5pcre-5.2.6_2 is installed
  528. sed: Remove All Digits / Input From Input
  529. MySQL: Find Out Which Table is Consuming Resources
  530. MSSQL: Enable Mixed Mode Authentication
  531. Ubuntu 4GB Ram Limitation and Solution
  532. Linux Gnome Numeric Keypad Disabled [ Mouse keys ]
  533. SELinux Apache Allow To Serve The Contents Of a Loopback Mounted ISO Image
  534. /bin/bash: bad interpreter: Text file busy Error and Solution
  535. Apache: Make Changes In a Config File Take Effect Without Restarting Server
  536. How To Upgrade FreeBSD To New Release
  537. How To Upgrade FreeBSD 7.0 to 7.1 Stable Release
  538. SSH System Bootup In Progress Please Wait Error and Solution
  539. Linux / UNIX: Ping a Block of Hosts (netblock)
  540. Red Hat / CentOS: Check / List Running Services
  541. Red Hat / CentOS: Swap / Change Ethernet Aliases
  542. Red hat / Fedora / CentOS Yum Repo is Listed More Than Once
  543. Linux kernel: Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 30
  544. Can I Use Multiple Virtualization Technologies Simultaneously under Linux?
  545. Red Hat / CentOS Setup Routing Metric For Network Device
  546. Debian / Ubuntu Linux: Clear the Package Cache
  547. Linux: Convert a PDF File To an Image
  548. FreeBSD Install VIM Editor Without X11 GUI
  549. Red Hat / CentOS IPv6 Network Configuration
  550. Iptables: Unblock / Delete an IP Address Listed in IPtables Tables
  551. pdfinfo: Find Out PDF File Information From A UNIX / Linux Shell Prompt
  552. Red Hat / CentOS Add IPv6 Network Alias (multiple IPv6 IP to Same NIC)
  553. Freebsd Mount a NAS via SMB / CIFS
  554. Bind Security: Transaction Signatures (TSIG) Configuration
  555. Label a Linux Partition
  556. FreeBSD Install FuzzyOCR To Detect Image Spam
  557. BIND: Clocks are Unsynchronized Error and Solution
  558. How to Set Up DNS Lookup in Linux
  559. Windows Displaying the Contents of DNS
  560. Find the DNS Authority Record for a DNS Domain (SOA)
  561. Troubleshooting: Apache Webserver Will Not Restart / Start
  562. Red hat / CentOS / Fedora Send Yum Package Update Notification Via Email
  563. Solaris UNIX Case-Insensitive Find File Search
  564. Linux / UNIX: Convert Hexadecimal to Decimal Number
  565. Linux / UNIX Print Large Banner on Printer
  566. UNIX / Linux: Display Large Colourful Text Banner On Screen
  567. BASH Shell Redirect Output and Errors To /dev/null
  568. FreeBSD: Install bindgraph To Make Graphs About Queries Sent To BIND
  569. Debian / Ubuntu tasksel: Install Group Software (tasks) such As DNS / Web Server In A Single Click
  570. FreeBSD: NIC Bonding / Link Aggregation / Trunking / Link Failover Tutorial
  571. xargs: How To Control and Use Command Line Arguments
  572. Linux Execute Cron Job After System Reboot
  573. Solaris UNIX: Change Default Shell
  574. Solaris UNIX LUN Rescan With cfgadm Command
  575. Squid Proxy Hide System’s Real IP Address
  576. FreeBSD Jail Access Private Network Via NAT and PF
  577. What is Linux?
  578. Shell Scripting: Check File Size ( Find File Size )
  579. Disable GNOME Automounting
  580. Linux / UNIX Find All World-Writable Directories Have Sticky Bits Set
  581. Linux / UNIX Automatically Log BASH / TCSH / SSH Users Out After a Period of Inactivity
  582. Debian Linux Install GNU GCC Compiler and Development Environment
  583. Linux Disable Core Dumps
  584. Use BASH nullglob To Verify *.c Files Exists or Not In a Directory
  585. Linux Iptables Just Block By Country
  586. yum Download All Source Packages (SRPM) From RedHat / CentOS WebSite
  587. Redhat Linux yum grouplist and groupinstall Option Not Working
  588. Linux Iptables Allow NFS Clients to Access the NFS Server
  589. Postfix Configure Client SMTP Authentication ( Smarthost Authentication )
  590. Postfix Configure Multiple ISP Client SMTP Authentication
  591. Bash Shell Temporarily Disable an Alias
  592. Linux Uninstall VMWare Server Software
  593. What is the difference between authentication and authorization?
  594. Solaris Buffer Overflow Protection
  595. CentOS / Red Hat Configure an NTP Client And Server
  596. Linux Disable USB Devices (Disable loading of USB Storage Driver)
  597. Debian / Ubuntu Linux Apache mod_python Configuration
  1. Suse Linux ( SLES10 ) IPv6 Configuration
  2. Suse Linux Add IP Address Aliases
  3. Hello World In Python Tutorial
  4. Explain: php_self or $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] Usage
  5. Debian Linux Stop Iptables Firewall
  6. Ubuntu / Debian Install PCRE Library ( Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library )
  7. FreeBSD: ldconfig -v Lost Dynamic Linker Configuration
  8. How To: Updating Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Kernel
  9. Linux Hotplug a CPU
  10. FreeBSD: Upgrade PHP4 To PHP5
  11. Ubuntu Linux Remove Oracle Express Edition
  12. Linux Delete / Uninstall Software
  13. UNIX Delete / Remove Directory Command
  14. Debian IPv6 Networking Configuration
  15. Debian IPv6 Virtual ( Additional ) Static Addresses Configuration
  16. MySQL Reset Root Password
  17. Print a Web Page From a Shell Prompt
  18. Linux Determine which Services are Enabled at Boot
  19. RedHat / CentOS Install and Configure Cacti Network Graphing Tool
  20. Samba Restrict IPC$ ( list of shared resources )
  21. Squid Listen on Other Port ( Squid Configure Port Listing with SELinux)
  22. Red Hat / CentOS Install nginx PHP5 FastCGI Webserver
  23. FreeBSD Jail Add Multiple IPv4 / IPv6 Address
  24. How To: Upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04 From 8.10
  25. Network Upgrade for Ubuntu Server From 8.10 to 9.04
  26. Kubuntu Desktops Upgrade From 8.10 to 9.04
  27. Postfix Backup MX eMail Server Anti-Spam Configuration
  28. Postfix mail for loops back to myself Error and Solution
  29. BIND: Max open files (1024) is smaller than max sockets (4096) Error and Solution
  30. Upgrade FreeBSD 7.x to 7.2 Stable Release
  32. Tunneling X Connection Through Intermediate Linux / BSD Gateway
  33. FreeBSD Move /usr or /var File System To Another Hard Disk
  34. FreeBSD Jail Allow Ping / tracerouter Commands
  35. Red Hat / CentOS Install mod_security Apache Intrusion Detection And Prevention Engine
  36. Gracefully Restart Lighttpd Web Server
  37. Awk Print Line After A Matching /regex/
  38. Reset PF Firewall Automatically While Testing Configuration With Remote Server Over SSH Session
  39. CentOS / RHEL Configure Yum Automatic Update Retrieval and Installation
  40. Debian / Ubuntu Linux Install Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment (AIDE) Software
  41. Linux Tune Network Stack (Buffers Size) To Increase Networking Performance
  42. How To Verify SSL Certificate From A Shell Prompt
  43. Linux Limit CPU Usage Per Process
  44. FreeBSD Prevent Users From Seeing Information About Processes Owned by Other Users
  45. OpenBSD Restart / Reload OpenSSH Without Rebooting
  46. OpenBSD Mount And Use a USB Flash Drive
  47. FreeBSD Change User Password Shell Script
  48. Postfix Hide Client (MUA) System IP Address / Hostname
  49. Linux / UNIX: Create Large 1GB Binary Image File With dd Command
  50. OpenSuse / Suse Linux Open a Port Range in the Firewall
  51. Monitor HTTP Packets ( packet sniffing )
  52. Postfix Forward Email To Another Email Account
  53. FreeBSD Install OpenNTPD NTP Server / Client To Synchronize The Local Clock
  54. keychain: Set Up Secure Passwordless SSH Access For Backup Scripts
  55. FreeBSD Disable Bell / Beep ( Hardware beep )
  56. make buildworld cd: can’t cd to /usr/src/tools/build/make_check Error and Solution
  57. Explain Linux / UNIX TCP Wrappers / Find Out If Program Compiled With TCP Wrappers
  58. Fedora 11 Upgrade Tutorial
  59. UNIX / Linux Dump Command Exclude Directories / Files
  60. Setup FreeBSD Jail With ezjail
  61. FreeBSD List All Installed Ports / Applications
  62. Linux / BSD Shell Doesn't Recognize Newly Installed Binaries
  63. What Are Linux / UNIX Shells?
  64. What Is Bourne Shell?
  65. What is UNIX / Linux C Shell?
  66. What is UNIX / Linux Korn Shell?
  67. What Is POSIX Shell?
  68. FreeBSD Squid Proxy Caching Server Increase File Descriptors Limits
  69. Ubuntu Linux Add Static IPv6 Address Network Configuration
  70. Uninstall / Remove Webmin Software
  71. FreeBSD Set Network Polling To Boost Performance
  72. PHP Add Captcha Protection To Web Forms
  73. Ubuntu Linux Save / Restore Iptables Rules
  74. Linux Disable Shell / FTP Access For a User Account
  75. FreeBSD Check The Health of Adaptec RAID Array
  76. Configure Linux As Bastion Host
  77. Test Iptables Script Remotely
  78. Chmod Numeric Permissions Notation UNIX / Linux Command
  79. CentOS: Install Packages Via yum Command Using DVD / CD as Repo
  80. UNIX / Linux: Send E-mail When sudo Runs
  81. UNIX Shell Scripting Tutorial
  82. Korn Shell Variables
  83. KSH IF Command Conditional Scripting Examples
  84. Linux / UNIX Recursively Search All Files For A String
  85. axfr-get: fatal: unable to parse AXFR results: protocol error and Solution
  86. CentOS / Red Hat Linux IP Forwarding How To
  87. FreeBSD Install DJBDNS Server
  88. FreeBSD Configure DJBDNS TinyDNS Server
  89. FreeBSD tinydns: Sets Up a DNS Publication / Authoritative Name Server
  90. FreeBSD DJBDNS: Tinydns Create a Zone File For Domain
  91. FreeBSD DJBDNS: Tinydns Add Additional Domain Names
  92. FreeBSD DJBDNS: Create Secondary TinyDNS Server
  93. RHEL / CentOS: yum Lists / Installs Only Security Updates
  94. Linux Disable Wireless Networking ( Wi-Fi )
  95. Linux Rescan HP Smart Array For New Disks
  96. Linux Disable Bluetooth [ Bluetooth Input Devices (hidd) ]
  97. MySQL Change User Password
  98. How To: Unmount an ISO Image in Linux
  99. Ubuntu Linux Mount an Iso Image
  100. Sed Delete Last Character
  101. Shell Script While Loop Examples
  102. FreeBSD DHCP Set Hostname ( Empty Hostname After Reboot )
  103. Linux / UNIX Restrict at / cron Usage To Authorized Users
  104. Linux Disable and Remove X Windows (
  105. Linux Configure Sendmail as SMTP Mail Client ( submission MTA )
  106. HP-UX: Find Out If Recommend Security Patch Applied Or Not
  107. Shell Scripting: If Variable Is Not Defined, Set Default Variable
  108. How To: Find IP Address Owner
  109. How To Find OpenSuse / SUSE Linux Version
  110. Centos Install and Configure MRTG
  111. Iptables Open VNC Port To Allow Incoming VNC Connections
  112. CentOS Linux Install OpenVZ Virtualization Software
  113. How To Create OpenVZ Virtual Machines (VPS)
  114. Snmpd Listen to Specific IP Address ( BIND To Selected Interfaces )
  115. OpenVZ Iptables: Allow Traffic To Pass Via venet0 To All VPS
  116. OpenVZ Virtual Machine (VPS) Management
  117. How To Setup OpenVZ under RHEL / CentOS Linux
  118. Is Open Source Software Legal To Use For My Business?
  119. sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo error and Soution
  120. Red Hat / Centos Install Denyhosts To Block SSH Attacks / Hacking
  121. Linux Find The Speed Of Memory Through Software Command Prompt
  122. BSD PF Firewall Block FTP Bruteforce Attacks
  123. UNIX Get An Alert When Disk Is Full
  124. Adobe Photoshop Alternatives For Linux Desktop
  125. Save Bash Shell Script Output To a File
  126. Bash Script Replace Empty Spaces String
  127. Linux Bash Script Check File Existence
  128. How To Use awk In Bash Scripting
  129. Bash Append Text To a Variable
  130. Bash Find All File Names With White Spaces
  131. Bash Script Flags
  132. Bash Shell Scripting Disable Control-C [ CTRL+C ] Keys
  133. Bash Read Comma Separated CVS File
  134. Linux Delete Symbolic Link ( Softlink )
  135. Samba: Allow Domain Controllers Create Machine Trust Accounts On-the-Fly
  136. Linux Disable / Remove All NFS Services
  137. Linux Iptables Open LDAP Server TCP Ports 389 and 636
  138. DenyHosts: Remove / Delete an IP address
  139. Arch Linux Disable IPv6 Networking
  140. CentOS / Red Hat: Sudo Allows People In Group Admin To Run All Commands
  141. Top 5 Linux Video Editor Software
  142. sed: Remove All Except Digits (Numbers) From Input
  143. hdparm: HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(identify) Failed: Inappropriate Ioctl For Device
  144. Linux: Test If My Graphics Card Has OpenGL Support Or Not
  145. FreeBSD: Benchmark The Disks Seek And Transfer Performance
  146. Ubuntu Linux: Install Doom3 Game
  147. FreeBSD Update All Installed Ports / Applications
  148. Linux / UNIX List User Dot-Files
  149. Linux / UNIX: Test Graphical Performance ( 3D Acceleration / FPS )
  150. Apache IPv6 Configuration: Dual Stacked IPv4 & IPv6 Virtual Hosts
  151. How To: Ubuntu Install Apache Software
  152. Ubuntu Linux The Apache Configuration
  153. Ubuntu Apache PHP5 and MySQL Installation – Configuration
  154. RedHat / Centos Disable IPv6 Networking
  155. Solaris UNIX Configure Disk Quota For UFS File System
  156. CentOS / RHEL IPv6 ip6tables Firewall Configuration
  157. Firefox: Add a Trusted CA
  158. KSH for Syntax
  159. gedit: Add Python / C++ Autocomplete Support
  160. Linux / UNIX Crontab File Location
  161. FreeBSD Upgrade Perl 5.8.x to 5.10.x
  162. Help: Old Employees Accessing The Linux Server
  163. Bash Script: Read One Character At A Time
  164. Linux ATI HD3750 Drive Configuration Hangs
  165. CentOS / RedHat: Set Password Quality Requirements
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  170. Linux Software for iTunes (iPod classic / iPod Touch / iPhone)
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  172. Update Centos Linux
  173. Warning: bad syntax, perhaps a bogus ‘-’? See /usr/share/doc/procps-3.2.7/FAQ
  174. Samba Restrict File Sharing To Particular Users or Network Addresses
  175. Samba: Linux Iptables Firewall Configuration
  176. Linux Tuning The VM (memory) Subsystem
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  178. Howto: View Firefox Installed Plugins (Addons) List
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  180. Dell PowerEdge S100 / S300 Linux Software RAID Driver
  181. There are unfinished transactions remaining. You might consider running yumcomplete-transaction first to finish them
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  247. RHEL / CentOS Xcache: /usr/include/php/ext/date/lib/timelib_structs.h:24:28: error: timelib_config.h: No such file or directory Error and Soultion
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