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Display Adapter
 - A program that is used by someone to create/edit/display/play some form of usable result.
 - Data base program
 -  A program which is used to access the Internet and display web pages from there
 - Compact Disk Read Only Memory device
 - Compact Disk Reader/Writer
 - Image editor
 - Any information organized in the form of an Image, Document,  Presentation, or Calculation that can be stored, printed or transmitted
 - Card that supplies Video to a monitor
  1. Color Depth - # of colors 16 256 256000 16million ...
  2. Types ...
    1. AGP - Accelerated Graphics Adapter designed for game playing
    2. ISA - pre Pentium era
    3. PCI -  Pentium era
  3. Resolution - Pixels width and height of display
Email Client
Floppy Disk
Formula 11
Frontpage Express
Ftp Express
 - Used to access emails from web based mail and store them locally for offline work
 - Image Editor
 - Spreadsheet program
 - A permanent program stored in ROM that controls a device as a hard disk  cdrom, cdr/w, dvd, dvdr/w, nic, display adapter, etc...
 - Low Density Storage device  with removable media
 - Image editor / converter by Jansoft
 - Web page editor
 - File Transfer program
Hard Disk
 - Web Picture page creator
 - A part/component of your PC
 - Mass Random Access High Density Storage device
  1. Bit - smallest unit of data in a computer (conforms to a single wire)
  2. Boot record - contains geometry and partition info for drive
  3. Byte - unit of data (conforms to any letter number or punctuation)
  4. CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Code is a method of verifying position and data
  5. Geometry - size of hard disk: heads x tracks x sectors x sector-size = total
    1. Cylinder/track - grouping of sectors
    2. Head - read/write component (1 per side of each platon)
    3. Platon - recording disk (1 for every 2 heads)
    4. Sector - a grouping of 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 32768 bytes depending on sector size
  6. Partition - each drive has 4 primary partitions Microsoft only sees 2)
    1. Partition 1 = Active bootable partition
    2. Partition 2 = Extended partition can contain up to 16 logical drives
    3. Partition 3 and 4 available in UNIX or LINUX
  7. Types ...
    1. ATAPI -
    2. IDE/EIDE - 
    3. PATA
    4. SATA
    5. SCSI
 - Instant messaging
 - A free operating system which is UNIX like but that understands Microsoft formats. It is fully Multi-user multi-tasking, and secure
 - Switchbox for using 1 Monitor/keyboard/mouse on 2 PC's
 - Information/program storage device
  1. Cache - Very Fast access memory
  2. ROM - Read only memory (does not lose info when power is off)
  3. RAM - Random access memory (looses info when power is off)
Monitor - Unit that is used to show operator what is happening
  1. CRT - Cathode Ray Tube style of monitor (Bulky)
  2. Display/View Angle - Max angle which display can be seen at
  3. Dot pitch - spacing of pixels displayed on the display (ie: .28dp)
  4. LCD - Liquid Crystal Display (Very Thin/Flat Display)
  5. Max Resolution - Total # of Pixels displayable across/down the display
  6. Pixel - smallest image point on a display
  7. Plasma - High Definition  Thin Video Display
  8. Viewable Area - Area of Display which can be seen
Modem   -  Modulator / Demodulator - forms the basis of communication with exterior devices
  1. Baud - binary audio digits (300baud ~ 30 characters per second)
  2. Data - can send and receive digital data
  3. Fax -  can send and receive faxes
  4. Voice - can send and receive voice (analog data)
  5. Internal
    1. Hayes compatible - hardware based modem uses standard protocol
    2. Winmodem - Software based modem only works with MS windows
  6. External - a modem which sits by itself but connects to a computer, printer, router, hub, network .
Motherboard  - The heart of the computer system
  1. Bios - Basic In/out System contains startup program and settings
  2. Bridge - connects different sections of the motherboard
  3. bus - interconnects data and control signals between parts
  4. Cmos - contains the settings used by the Bios
  5. CPU - central processing unit executes instructions from memory
  6. FPU - Floating Point Unit - computes mathematical results
  7. Memory - stores instructions and data
  8. card slot -  AGP, ISA, PCI adapter use
  9. connectors -
Movie 12
Pointer device ...
 - animation creator by Jansoft
 - Word Processor
 - Internet browser and email agent program
 - suite (image edit, word process, spreadsheet, presenter, database...)
 - Browser and mail agent program
  1. Mouse (standard, wheel, optical, optical wheel, trackball)
  2. Graphics Tablet - Large flat pad usually used to draw
  3. TouchPad - stationary pad with touch sensitive plate
  4. TouchScreen - touch sensitive monitor
  5. Types...
    1. Serial - 9pin D connector RS232 standard
    2. PS/2 - 6 pin mini connector
    3. USB - 4 pin Universal Serial Buss
 - MS suite (image edit, word process, spreadsheet, presenter, database...)
 - a device driver, function library, or other module that is part of an application
 - A buggy Misbehaving Operating system billeted as being a finished piece of work until Microsoft's next best thing.
 - Operating system  that is stable, modular, true multi-user true multi-tasking, Secure, and never needing complete replacement.
 - Instant messaging