Windows - Required


Files Required by Windows versions

          ** XP also applies to Vista (Windows 7 is unknown)
  File     Versions What are they for
  %sysdir%\stobject.dll XP It's used to manage system tray.
  %windir%\explorer.exe 95 98 ME NT 2K XP Windows shell.
  %windir%\taskmon.exe 95 98 ME NT 2K XP

This creates a database of the application programs you use and which files they load. The information is used by Windows Defrag (and by Norton Speedisk) to optimize the location of files on your hard drive so that Windows startup and program loading is faster.


Microsoft TDI transport service provider. Supports TCP/IP-specific functionality for Microsoft TDI transport service provider for Windows Sockets 2.0.


Notifies selected users and computers of administrative alerts. If the service is stopped, programs that use administrative alerts will not receive them. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.
*If you are connected to a network, set it to Automatic. This service will notify your System Administrator of problems occurring within the network which may aid them in fixing the problem.

  bios 95/98/Me Plug and Play BIOS driver.
  biosxlat 95/98/Me BIOS emulation driver.
  combuff 95/98/Me Communications buffer driver.
  configmg 95/98/Me Configuration manager driver.
  dfs.vxd   Microsoft Networking
  dosmgr 95/98/Me MS-DOS emulation manager.
  dosnet 95/98/Me Windows 3.1-compatible network helper driver.
  drmkaud.sys   Microsoft Kernel DRM Audio Descrambler Filter.
  ebios 95/98/Me Extended BIOS driver.
  enable 95/98/Me Accessibility Driver.
  grpconv.exe   Microsoft group converter.
Used by installers ONLY in the RunOnce keys.
  hhctrl.ocx   hhctrl.ocx is the Microsoft HTML Help component. I think
you've installed a program that using HTML help. To use hhctrl.ocx it
must be registered in the system. Usually the installer uses RunOnce
keys to register hhctrl.ocx.
Recommendation: Ignore this change. You may check for the version of
the hhctrl.ocx to be sure that you have the working version.
  ifsmgr 95/98/Me File system manager driver.
  int13 95/98/Me BIOS hard disk emulation driver.
  internat.exe   Language indicator. Microsoft Corporation.
Useful in the multi language Windows.
  ios 95/98/Me I/O Supervisor driver.
  ios.vxd   Many Windows 95 driver models, such as IOS (for disk drivers) and the network, support dynamically loaded device drivers. These VxDs are not loaded by the VMM32 real-mode loader, but are loaded by a device loader that is responsible for loading and initializing the drivers at the correct time and in the correct order.
For example, for SCSI adapter miniport drivers, the device loader is *IOS. The entries for a SCSI adapter are found in this Registry key:
Because there is no StaticVxD=xxx line in this Registry entry, the VMM32 real-mode loader does nothing when Windows 95 identifies this device.
Configuration Manager attempts to find any device node that has a DevLoader= entry in the Registry. The device loader (in the previous example, *IOS) examines the Registry, finds the PortDriver= entry, loads the driver and any associated support drivers, and initializes the adapter.
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation
  javasup.vxd   Microsoft Java
  kmixer.sys   kmixer.sys is kernel audio mixer of Microsoft Windows.
I suggest you to add it to the Exclusion list (click on the "scissors" icon in the WatchDog window).
Kmixer may be closed and unloaded if it's not used. When you use audio it will be loaded again.
  mountmgr.sys   Windows Mount Manager.
Read more:
  msmouse.vxd   Microsoft Mouse
  ndis.vxd   Microsoft Networking
  ndis2sup.vxd   Microsoft Networking
  ndiswan.vxd   Microsoft Networking
  netshell.dll   Microsoft DLL file. It contains the functions for supporting
network connections.
  ntkern 95/98/Me Windows Driver Model.
  pagefile 95/98/Me Swapfile driver.
  pageswap 95/98/Me Swapfile manager driver.
  parity 95/98/Me Memory parity driver.
  perf 95/98/Me System Monitor data collection driver.
  powrprof.dll 95/98/Me Loads Power Management settings.
Two entries are necessary, because the first is used before a user logon to Windows.
Not required if power management is not used.
  reboot 95/98/Me Ctrl+Alt+Del manager.
  redbook.sys   Microsoft system driver.
"The Redbook system driver (redbook.sys) is the KS filter that manages the rendering of CD
digital audio. The Redbook driver is a client of the SysAudio system driver. The system routes
CD digital audio through the file system to the Redbook driver and then to the SysAudio driver.
The CD digital audio is rendered on the preferred wave output device (as set in the Multimedia
property pages in Control Panel)".
More info:
  rnapapp.exe   Dial-Up Networking Application.
Microsoft Corporation. Never used in the startup sections. Launched automatically when connecting using dial-up.
  rsrcmtr.exe 95 98 ME Microsoft Corporation Resource meter. Very useful for check resources. Not used with Windows NT4/W2K/XP.
  rundll32 mmhid.dll,startmmhid 98/Me MMHID.DLL is a part of operation system.
It's required if you use audio devices connected via USB port.
  rundll32.exe 95 iernonce.dll,runonceexprocess
Executes RunOnceEx applications. Used only with Windows 95 in the RunOnce key. Leave it working and add to the Exclusion list.
  rundll32.exe 95 powrprof.dll,loadcurrentpwrscheme
Microsoft Corporation
Loads Power Management.
Two entries are nesessary, because the first (RunServices) works before user logon.
You may suspend of running powrprof.dll if you don't want to use power management.
  scanregw.exe 98 Me Registry Checker for Windows 98/ME.
Microsoft Corporation
This checks your registry for errors and either repairs it or restores a backup copy. It also creates a new backup registry on the first successful startup each day and maintains a library of the five most recent registry backups. An indispensable safety and survival tool.
  sdvxd 95/98/Me Smartdrive driver.
  shell 95/98/Me Shell device driver.
  shell32.dll   Windows Shell common DLL. Required!
  spooler 95/98/Me Print spooler driver.
  statemgr.exe Me Microsoft Corporation.
Windows default for System Restore.
  stimon.exe 98 ME Still Image Monitor (Stimon.exe) is a tool that is installed by Windows Millennium Edition (Me) and Windows 98 when a Universal Serial Bus (USB) scanning device is successfully enumerated. Stimon.exe is configured to start automatically during the Windows startup process, and is loaded from the following registry key:
Stimon contains two modules: Event Monitor and Control Center.
  svchost.exe NT 2K XP Svchost.exe (Windows NT/2000/XP) is a generic host process name for services that are run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). The Svchost.exe file is located in the %SystemRoot%\System32
folder. At startup, Svchost.exe checks the services portion of the registry to construct a list of services that it needs to load. There can be multiple instances of
Svchost.exe running at the same time. Each Svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services, so that separate services can be run depending on how and where
Svchost.exe is started. This allows for better control and debugging.
More info:
  systray.exe   Microsoft Corporation
System Tray loads tray icons, like the Volume Control, Keyboard, Display, etc.
  update.sys 98 Me NT 2K XP Microsoft driver for updating system components.
It works with Windows'98 or higher.
  v86mmgr 95/98/Me MS-DOS memory manager.
  vcache 95/98/Me Cache manager driver.
  vcd 95/98/Me Communications port driver.
  vcdfsd 95/98/Me CD-ROM filesystem driver.
  vcomm 95/98/Me Communications port Plug and Play driver.
  vcond 95/98/Me Console subsystem driver.
  vdd 95/98/Me Display driver.
  vdef 95/98/Me Default file system driver.
  vdmad 95/98/Me Direct Memory Access controller driver.
  vfat 95/98/Me FAT filesystem driver.
  vfbackup 95/98/Me Floppy backup helper driver.
  vfixd.vxd   Microsoft Video Phone helper
  vflatd 95/98/Me Linear aperture video driver.
  vi_grm.exe   Driver for SIS 6326 graphics.
Required if use this chip..
  viagart.vxd   VIA vxd path for VMM. Required.
  vkd 95/98/Me Keyboard Driver.
  vmcpd 95/98/Me Math coprocessor driver.
  vmd 95/98/Me Windows 3.1-compatible mouse driver.
  vmm 98 Virtual Machine Manager.
  vmm32.vxd 95/98/Me Status: this is the kernel of Windows Required for Windows working
  vmouse 95/98/Me Mouse Driver.
  vmpol 95/98/Me System idle-time driver.
  vnetbios.vxd   Microsoft Networking
  vnetsup.vxd   Microsoft Networking
  vpd 95/98/Me Printer driver.
  vpicd 95/98/Me Hardware interrupt manager.
  vpowerd 95/98/Me Advanced Power Management Driver.
  vredir.vxd   Microsoft Networking
  vrtwd.386   Microsoft clock management
  vrtwd.vxd   Microsoft clock management
  vsd 95/98/Me Speaker driver.
  vserver.vxd   This VxD is used to execute network server on your computer.
If you have a problem with this file during Windows boot, read the article how to resolve this problem:
  vshare 95 98 Me File sharing driver.
  vtd 95 98 Me Timer device driver.
  vtdapi 95 98 Me Multimedia timer driver.
Part of Microsoft Windows .
95 98 Me. Win32 subsystem driver.
Part of Microsoft Windows
  vxdldr 95 98 Me. Dynamic device driver loader.
  wshtcp.vxd   TCP/IP TDI transport support.
Supports TCP/IP-specific functionality for Microsoft TDI transport service provider for Windows Sockets 2.0
  wsipx.vxd   Windows Sockets over IPX/SPX.
Supports IPX/SPX Windows Sockets 1.1–compatible transport.
  wsock.vxd   Windows Sockets 1.1 transport service provider.
Kernel mode support for Windows Sockets 1.1–compatible transport service providers (currently only IPX/SPX).
  wsock2.vxd   Windows Sockets 2.0 transport service provider.
Kernel mode support for Windows Sockets 2.0–compatible transport service providers (currently only TCP/IP).