Windows - Optional

  OPTIONAL FILES used by various Windows applications
  File  Used by    
  canon\multipass\monitr32.exe Canon Multipass Printer

It monitors the printer status.\par May cause the
 hanging of the computer.

Not required.

  filesshared.exe ScanSoft OmniPage Pro 14.0

auto updater.

Not required. At your option.




Screen Beagle by Greatis Software.

Includes 4 useful desktop utilities: Magnifier,
Screenshot maker, Measurer, Dropper.


%program files%.exe


SecureDoc disk encryption software.

Read more:

At your option.




This command updates Outlook settings for each new user.
    For example, setup50.exe creates Outlook icon on desktop
and something else.
     Read more:

Suggest do not touch it.




Microsoft utility. Used in Windows 95/98/Me for DLL loading. DLL file name as parameter is required.




Lan Supevisror.  The basic purpose of the program is a file manager with unlimited access to disks of network computers.

At your option.



utility for Toshiba notebooks.

Required if you use hot key functionality for the function keys (Fn-Esc, Fn-F1 (lock), Fn-F2, Fn-F3, Fn-F4,  Fn-F5 (switching between laptop and CRT display output), etc...)




Microsoft Works Calendar Reminder.




Required if you have US Robotics Modem.
     Referred to as the 'Internet Call Modem'. These drivers came from the USR website and are for Win 2000 and XP.




3 COM Win modem driver.




Required if you have IDE RAID controllers from 3ware.
    This utility helps users to monitors status of the disk array.




Required for Terratec 128i PCI and similar sound cards. It loads a sound profile at bootup, restoring volume and other audio settings to a pre-determined default. It is like Creative Lab's AudioHQ




Part of Adobe Acrobat Software. Helps to show PDF files in the IE window.




Adobe Acrobat Assistant.




AutoDialogs is a program that was developed to provide quick access to the folders you use most often in standard dialogs for folders.

Using AutoDialogs, you can automatically insert preselected folders into your dialog boxes using a system tray menu (requires only two clicks) or a pre-assigned hot key (one keystroke.)

See also:




Iomega Active Disk

Active Disk will automatically prompt you for a password when you insert a read/write protected disk.

Apart from that, I'm not certain what it does (it might allow autorun like on a CD).




It is a part of Creative SoundBlaster Live and Audigy.

This is disk detector. It's used to detect inserted CD and launching

Creative media player.

Not required.



adobe gamma loader.exe


It is needed by some graphics professionals who want their monitor calibrated.

Adjusts monitor colours settings across all programs, including Photoshop.

Most users will not need it.


adobe gamma loader.lnk


Installed by Adobe Acrobat. Used by color correction.





"Part of Iomega's Active Disk - allows software applications to be run
  directly from an Iomega ZipŒ disk. Required if you wish the
  applications to launch on insertion of a disk"




Please, check up manufacturer.
    It may be:
      1) Airmail Agent (
      2) Remote Access program.

Recommendation: try to pause it.



Control panel for the Creative Live sound card.

Required if you use it.



Creative Audigy taskbar. You may disable it if you doesn't use it. Anvshell - Audigy systray applet. Used to quick access to the Mixer features.




AOL Instant Messager




Sound card related.  RealTek AC97 Event Monitor.




If your computer has sound card based on ALi AC97 chipset or your mainboad has one, this utility is required to control the parameters of ALi AC97 Sound driver. It is the helper background process for CODEC power saving function It will be installed to %windir%.

Only is used in Windows 98/ME.




AllSnap is a system tray application that makes all top level windows automatically align like they do in programs such as Winamp or Photoshop.

Once run, all windows will snap to each other and the desktop while moving/sizing.

Hold down ALT while sizing/moving to toggle off snapping.

Click on the little icon to change the settings.

For additional info:




McAffe VirusScan Service




This is a monitoring part of Eset's NOD32 virus-scanner.

NOD32 Antivirus System provides protection against threats endangering your PC and enterprise systems running various platforms from Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / 2003 / XP, through a number of UNIX/Linux, Novell, MS DOS operating systems to Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino and other mail servers.

Viruses, worms, trojans and other malware are kept out of striking distance of your valuable data with advanced detection methods implemented in the software even provide protection against the future threats from most of the new worms and viruses.

More information is available on




Ample Notice for Windows.

A nice 32-bit "shareware" program for Windows by Granny's Old Fashioned Software.




This file is a part of Age of Mythology game.

It is used to connect to games server at Windows startup.

At your option.

If you do not have instant Internet access we suggest you to move this link to your desktop and launch it manually.

Also it can be Adobe On-Line Manager.





This program is used to monitor the APC BACK-UPS CS 350 unit. It is a part of the APC UPS software  which distributes with this device.

Required for normal working with BACK-UPS in case of power failure or other situations.




Artera Turbo Internet Accelerator. It is a utility that boost download speed. Artera Turbo is a subscription-based service that uses patent-pending technology to provide DSL-like speed over dial-up lines. Artera Turbo goes way beyond competitive products that simply "tweak" Windows network settings to provide a speed boost or caching products that speed up only frequently visited web pages. It accelerates web browsing, web-based file transfers, uploading and downloading of all native FTP file transfers, and all types of email.
     Additionally, email attachments including Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and others will also be accelerated.
Artera Turbo delivers consistent speed improvements in real-life Internet usage scenarios.

Required if it improves your performance.



This is 'History Uploader' by Inverse Network Technology.

Read more:




Absolute StartUp manager helps you to handle Windows autorun programs. It can list them in a suitable way and provides tools to view and edit, backup and export, disable and remove the items from Windows startup process to optimize it in best way.  Protects from startup viruses and spyware, backups startup config into *.reg and *.bat files, export into HTML list

This manager has a smart monitor to trace startup changes and inform you about them.



  Adaptec layer driver. Required for CD operations.  



ASUS TweakEnable utility.  Required if you have ASUS videocard. This utility restores manually changed settings for ASUS based video  cards such as overclocking.

Only required if you don't use default settings.



ATI External Event Utility EXE module working in the background.
   Used to support hot keys and to get quick access to change video

Not required.



ATI video card tray application.

Recommendation: it's not required but it's may be useful for quick access video features.



nstalled with ATI graphic card.

Displays its icon in the system tray to get quick access to the ATI applications.

Not required.



This is HP VIEW toolbar.

At your option.


  McAffe Virus Scan Console.  



AVG, your antivirus program. If you need to have it running in the
background, then leave these-else uncheck it.




Part of AVG antivirus. Used to real-time monitoring.



  Antivirual Toolkit Pro Control Centre.  


  Antivirual Toolkit Pro monitor.  





Backweb is a component that allows downloading of data via Internet.

Copyright:?2001 BackWeb Technologies A lot of other companies use this component for update their software or for something else.

At your option.



BitDefender antivirus - update utility. BitDefender Professional ensures unmatched antivirus protection as well as data confidentiality, active
content control and Internet filtering. The Professional Edition of BitDefender protects users? data on all levels, both in an office environment and at home.

See also:


Part Microsoft XP Power Toys.

Not required.


  This is reminder for Quicken software. At your option.


  auto update. Added with installation drivers for Visioneer scanners. Not required, it may be run manually. Sometimes it causes the Fatal Exception Error error on boot.


  This is the result of install the Perfect Keylogger.  It lets you easily view the log file, displaying the title of the window, the date and time of the action and the contents of the typed matter itself.

   Perfect Keylogger is the first keylogger which is absolutely invisible in the Windows NT/2000/XP Task Manager.  One of the most powerful features of Perfect Keylogger is its advanced Keyword Detection and
Notification. Create a list of "on alert" words or phrases and keylogger will continually monitor keyboard typing, URLs and web pages for these words or phrases. When a keyword is detected, Perfect Keylogger makes screenshot and immediately sends email notification to you.




System Tray access to BurnQuick CD burning software.  BurnQuick - Data/Audio CD Burner is the CD burning program. Just select file or folder and select a BurnQuick command from the popup menu. Set a few options on the BurnQuick interface and click on Start. BurnQuick will burn all of the selected files to your CD-ROM burner. Supports many modern features.




Linksys Ethernet Powerline Bridges software.  Required for home bridge device. Read this information:






NuCam camera software related

Read more:



  Creative Video Blaster Webcam Control.  


  Canon printer driver. This utility is nesessary when you use printer from CANON.  



Modem driver. This is the Windows XP modem driver for the Conexant 56K AC-Link Voice modem integrated on the motherboard. XP detects the modem as PCI-Modem and Conexant WINACHSF.

Required for users of this modem.



Required if you use the Norton AntiVirus 2003 or older versions. ccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used for both Norton AntiVirus (NAV) and Norton Internet Security (NIS). ccApp is responsible for calling the different program features of NAV and NIS. For example, in NAV, if Auto-Protect and Email Scanning are enabled, then ccApp makes sure that those programs are running. If ccApp is disabled, then, Auto-Protect and Email Scanning will not run.

It loads for each user that logs on to Windows 2000/XP. 


Symantec's Norton AntiVirus is an antivirus protection software. It protects different files by automatically removing viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Also it detects certain non-virus threats such as spyware and keystroke loggers.



  Required if you use the Norton AntiVirus 2003 or older versions.
ccEvtMgr.exe is an event logging application. When you are attacking by viruses it passes the information to the Activity log so the information can be viewed by the user. In this log you can find the information about virus alerts, virus scans and program errors.



Required if you use the Norton AntiVirus 2003 or older versions. Some viruses and worms may damage the system registry by add they bad registry entries in it. ccRegVfy.exe looks for integrity of the Norton AntiVirus (NAV) registry entries to make sure that the information has not been changed by a malicious threat or a hacker.



  Part of Microsoft Download Manager package.
Used by Microsoft Web Update. Suggest to leave it working if you want to use Web Update.



HiJaak5.0 - image file converter. Converts Over 115 File Formats. You can view and quickly convert your images to over 115 file formats including Kodak's FlashPix for digital photography, animated GIF support for the Web, more CAD formats, plus full support for EPS graphics, GIF, BMP and  TIF images, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files. You can even convert raster images to editable vector files.



  DEXXA mouse driver VXD. Required for full mouse functions.  


  Compaq printer utility which is required in the startup menu in order to make the printer work correctly. Not required. If unavailable via Start -> Programs, create
your own shortcut.


  Status:this is the Quarterdeck CleanSweep module.  



  ClickTray Calendar is the calendar and reminder software. This is the small program that sits in the system tray and may be activated by mouse click.  



The Softlog PC "Manager" Program. (CManage.exe, Manager.exe, Pmanager.exe, Cmanager.exe or CopyLink)  The Softlog PC "Manager" Program was used to facilitate the collated reporting of data from "standalone"  Copylog & Faxlog workstations. The PC "Manager" stores it?s dates in 2 digit year format and therefore is not Year 2000 compliant. For example, reports printed from the PC Manager will display the date 01/01/00 before the date 31/12/99.




Color correction utility. Supplied with monitor. Makes colours sharper and brighter, but will only work with coloreal capable monitors.

At your option.




Greatis Corners.  Original desktop launcher.




Background utility for Compaq A1000 Print Fax All-in-One copy scan printer software. Required in the Startup in order to scan, print, copy and fax.

Only required if you use these features.



Uninstall monitor.



  Calendar Manager.  This is part of Norton Cleansweep. It's used to catch installation of the new apps.  



Status: This file is a part of Microsoft Office XP.  It is used for speech recognition.


Recommendation: if you do have a problem with playing media you may stop running of cftmon.



This is Creative Labs software. Installed with Sound Blaster Live. Sometimes this file can cause a problem at startup.

Take a look:,84449,.shtml

Suggest to update Sound Blaster driver if you do have problems with
CPU overload.




This is associated with a Creative sound card, and adds volume controls to the Windows volume controls 

Not required.



It needs if you use Command Antivirus Software.
Command Antivirus Software is a superior virus protection with fully centralized management. It used to scan for tens of thousands of known viruses and their variants. It works like other antiviral software, such as AVP, NortonAntivirus, DrWeb etc.



  Canon CanoScan D066UUTY.EXE utility software.
This utility is required only if you use this scanner.


  Norton Antivirus service.  



Part of the Pest Patrol software. Required for using this software.

Read more:




Greatis DesktopKeeper.




"Background task installed with the drivers for some Creative Labs sound cards ? it provides SoundBlaster 16 emulation for DOS applications and games. Without it, your DOS games will not have any sound. Disabling this program, however, often gives problems with the general behaviour of sound and of the Creative sound utilities on your PC."





Status: it's a part or Adaptec Direct CD. On default it uses registry to auto start.

Recommendation: you may pause it and launch when it will be need for you.



This utility used to recognize and reading Multi-media, Smartmedia, Compact Flash and other digital camera cards. The reading device is recognised as internal USB disk drive. Necessary if camera cards are to be recognised as soon as they are inserted into the reader.




Diskeeper Workstation Component




Check up manufacturer.  This may be a download manager or Remote Access / Keylogger / IRC trojan.




Microtest DiscPort Executive Windows NT?  Please, check up manufacturer.




DirecWay from DirectTV satellite based high-speed internet access. Startup program for Direcway 2-way satellite internet service. Loads DirecWay's Navigator, tray icon, etc.

Only required if you use this service.


  Driver for your DSL modem. Required only if you use thsi modem.


  Microsoft Dump Reporting Tool. This command is used to prepare error report after system crash. Suggest to ignore this alert. You may disable this alert using Control Panel, System applet.  



DirectX registration routine. Skip it if this RunOnce registry key, stop it if is launched from registry Run key.




Easy Access Buttons control panel on Compaq laptops.

Only required if you use the extra keys.


  Part of the Clone CD. Checks filter drivers for the CD-ROM Class.  Required.



Encompass Monitor. Often preinstalled by computer vendor.

Not required. May cause a problem with Winsock.



Connection manager for the EnterNet ISP.  Displays average speed, counts incoming and outcoming bytes, detects errors and collects oher information about current connection.

Usually not required.



Greatis Software. Messaging utility.



  Synchronization program for Ericsson mobile. At your option.  



Provides functionality of notebook's special keys.

Not required if you don't use the extra keys.



It's a part of EmmaSetup software.

Read more:




ESftp is a Windows-based file transfer client application that transfers files between a user?s local PC and remote computer system. With ESftp, users can connect to any remote system that has a valid Internet address and an FTP server  program, browse through directories and files, and transfer files or complete directories (including sub-directories) between the two systems. Also, users can create, change, and delete directories and view, execute, rename, or remove files. ESftp complies with the Windows sockets (Winsock) standard, allowing you to transfer files between a wide variety of systems, including Windows, OS/2, and UNIX systems.




NAV service or RealOne Player Scheduler.

Read more:

You may pause its starting without any problems.



Easy Systems Japan Ltd. software. Application that is installed by the Easy Systems Drag?n Drop CD & DVD writing software found on most Japanese computers.

Required only to use drag and drop feature when burn CD.


  Norton Utilities Fast Load.  



Shareware product to replace FastOpen menu software.




This is a part of ZoneAlarm software.

Required for ZoneAlarm monitoring.




fkWare SysMon is a customizable system monitor for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4/Windows 2000. fkWare SysMon displays the current memory consumption, CPU and resource usage, date, time, Windows  uptime, IP address and a lot more.

It is designed to use as little system resources for itself as possible and without increasing the overall system load more than absolutely necessary.




Zero Knowledge Freedom is the Anti-Virus, Personal Firewall and Parental Control. It also blocks ads, safeguards your personal information, encrypts your passwords, and much more. Zero-Knowledge Systems Inc. develops products and services to protect Internet users worldwide.

To learn more, visit site at




Screen Saver.

   Read more:

Not required.




FaxTalk Messenger Pro is a Windows fax simulation program. Automatically loads FaxTalk CallControl when you start Windows. When it is running, any TAPI compliant application can request to use the modem from Windows.




BulletProof FTP Server. Easy to use administration of your FTP server and users list, security features, FTP standards support, router friendly. Compliance with the range of FTP related RFCs for maximum compatibility.

Not required to start it automatically.




Getright - download manager.




This may be a virus:

or not:

I think it's the installer temp file. Did you installed new program recently?



  Genius MouseMate98 Drivers.  


  GoZilla - download manager.  


  Connection indicator for your DSL modem. Required only if you use this modem.  


  Colorific Control Panel Sonnetech Ltd.  



Microsoft Human Interface Device Service. It is a file that deals with keyboards, mice, and other devices connected through the USB bus.



  Installed with Intel graphics chipset. Supports Hot Key Commands interface. Not required.



Synchronization manager for Palm computers.

At your option.



HP OfficeJet software.

Recommendation: Stop it running if you don't use HP OfficeJet.



  HP CD-Writer.  



Utility for HP products.  Used for monitoring when and how many recoveries have been done.

Typically not required.


  hpfsched.exe is a program that reminds you to clean your HP printer print heads.  



Part of the HP OfficeJet printer software.

Purpose by HP:

"This process has one purpose - detects if the device moves to a different port, and notifies other processes to look on the new port."

For various HP all-in-one printer/scanner/copier devices. Sometimes this process causes the problems with network connections.

Recommend to launch it manually when it is really required.



  This is the part of the HP ScanJet 4100C installation.  



Keyboard driver for HP computers. It allows to set additional features such a volume control and other.

Not required. If your computer is not HP, kill it.


  HP DeskJet printer icon in the systray.  



It's a part of HP Photosmart software.  This app is used to communicate with printer driver and display notifications.




There are two ways how this programm works:

    1) Ghostscript device driver for printers understanding Hewlett-Packard's Printer Command Language.
    2) Creates some icons on taskbar: the 1st one warns when the ink is low, the 2nd one is a part of HP Device  Detection Software and 3rd one is about a card being inserted into the Hp printer.

Ghostscript is the name of a set of software that provides:
      An interpreter for the PostScript language, with the ability to convert PostScript language files to many raster formats, view them on displays, and print them on printers that don't have PostScript language capability built in;
      An interpreter for Portable Document Format (PDF) files, with the same abilities;
      The ability to convert PostScript language files to PDF (with some limitations) and vice versa;

Creates a key in the registry: HKLM..: [HPDJ Taskbar Utility] C:.exe

See also Linux - Ghostscript




IAA Event Monitor User Notification Tool it's a part of Intel? Application Accelerator.  Intel? Application Accelerator is a driver that replaces the standard Windows ATA drivers with drivers optimized for Intel? chipsets.



  Norton firewall.  



AtGuard firewall driver. Required if you use this firewall.




Part of the SuperDisk drive software.




Sets the different colour palettes of your monitor when running games. So that you get 'what the game designer intended' when you see the game. Also allows monitor callibration through a 3-Deep program.

Can be disabled from starting up if you don't use it.



ICQ network detection utility.

It may be useful.




IntelliComplete Server (ICS) provides smart autocompletion to any editors running on MS windows through a flexible and simple programming interface. It's ideal to be integrated with programming editors since there are many long and frequently-used identifiers in program source code. The other program with same name is an Intel Intercast viewer software. It gives access to internet pages which are broadcasted by several TV stations.




Internet Connection Sharing Manager for Windows.

Required only if you use this computer as proxy for sharing Internet connection with other computers in your LAN.


  Microsoft Internet Wizard.  



Used during Internet Exlorer installation.

Read more details:




Part of theGator software.

Read more about Gator:

You may try to remove Gator Search Panel for IE using Add/Remove applet in Control Panel.



This program is used to control your internet surfing:

- Load multiple pages with a single click
- Translate into various languages and web page voicing
- Manage the opened Internet Explorer windows, save and load the lists
   of IE pages - all for comfortable web surfing.
- Create lists of frequently used bookmarks and group them by topic for
   faster access.
- Create aliases for your favorite web pages so that you dont have to
   type the lengthy URLs manually.
- Clear all tracks of your online activities.




Part of the Music Now software
It's used manage music via Internet Explorer.

At your option.




  Status: Quick access to the control panel via a System Tray icon for graphics based upon the Intel chipsests (ie, i810). These chipsets are often included on motherboards. Recommendation: Leave it working if you want or suspend running.




Iomega Startup Options.

I don't think it's necessary, but it should be harmless. I think it sends the drive any changes you may have made to its default settings (e.g. sleep time). It terminates after running. ImgIcon - it also causes Zip disks to be automatically




Part of Microsoft's Input Message Editor (IME) for translating Japanese/Chinese text in IE, Outlook and Word.




Part of the Ahead NERO INCD software. Displays INCD icon in the system tray. Allows to get quick access to the INCD features.

Required for InCD.


  Gateway ink monitor - makes an annoying popup that says your printer may be running out of ink, do you want to buy some!  


  eTrust EZ AntiVirus Component  


  eTrust EZ AntiVirus Component  


  Language indicator  Microsoft Corporation  



Installed with Verizon DSL accounts. IP Insight is a Quality of Service monitor and diagnostic tool that isn't required

- see for more information.




Standard Windows utility to provide IR  communication

Read more:

Required if you synchronize your computer with mobile or PDA.



Microsoft Infrared Transfer application.

Used if your computer has an infrared port to receive/send data from/to compatible devices.




It's a part of InstallShield ScriptEngine.

Usually installed into:  Program FilesFilesfolder.

InstallShied is used to create software installation.



  Installed with Logitech QuickCam cameras. It is a part of Logitech Image Studio. Required from version 8.11 onwards if you use the software to take pictures and capture videos, not if you don't. Also not required for versions up to and including 7.30.


  iTouch loads the iTouch configuration program for Logitech multimedia keyboards. It?s required if you use special shortcut keys, such as "play", "stop" etc. Also i may be useful if your keyboard does not have the num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock lights on it and you use the on-screen displays for num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock.  


  Web update utility for Java (Sun software). Not required.



Multimedia keyboard manager.

Read more:

Not required. Useful if you use additional keyboard features. If you have a problem with slow startup.




Software to manage client licenses.

Read more:




Program part of a software to count the amount of keyboard presses, mouse clicks, and mouse scrolls.

**Does not contain spyware.**




Required if you have a laptop from Acer with special programmable keys. For example: multimeda keys - "play", "stop", "forward" or hot keys - "launch application", "close window", etc.




Launcher is a program installed as an NT service that will call any program you specify, at the interval specified.

Not required.


Company: Lexmark International Inc.

Background application used for the Lexmark Printer Port Scanner. The application allows a user to share a printer over a Windows network. Without this application, users cannot share printers. The application is installed with other printer drivers.




Logitech Image Studio - installed with Logitech QuickCams. You can use this software to publish your images or video live to the internet using the ftp protocol or the implemented streaming http server.

Required if you use this products.



Local Port Scanner.  Checking your system for open or listening ports, that provides you control hacker attacks.




Lock It And Protect Pro. Lock and protect your folders from being opened, moved or deleted. Locked folders are protected in secure and multiple levels of security that guarantee your privacy and security. Also the program has options for the users to manage their sensitive data.

For additional information, please visit



  Part of the RegRun Suite. Launch Application with delay.  


  Modem driver. Required if you use this modem.  


  ABBY Lingvo 6.0 Launcher  


  Additional software for Logitech Web Camera. Not required. May be run manually.


  LavaSoft application. Not required.


  Mouse driver. Required.  



This may be ZMatrix.  ZMatrix is an animated desktop background which displays streaming characters in a style similar to what was used in the movie 'The Matrix'.

Check manufacturer of this file.

Also it may be old Matrix virus.




Part of Stardock software. Used to desktop customization.

At your option.


  McAffe VirusScan Online software. At your option. You may start it manually as well.



Meca is the instant messenging client with many different features. Some of them are MECA Games Channel - lets play games through MECA,  InterOp - allows you to access the accounts with any of the messengers listed below: AIM, Yahoo!, MSN and ICQ. Also Meca support SkinSharing?, Translations, Chat and InterOp Chat, File Transfer, etc.


microsoft office.lnk


It must points to OSA9.EXE. Part of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft tells: "The Office Startup Assistant (OSA9.exe or OSA9) is a program that improves the performance of Office 2000 programs. Office 2000 Setup places a shortcut to the file OSA9.exe in the Windows StartUp folder with a name of Microsoft Office."

In my opinion this is useless program and if you don't use Office panel I suggest you to remove it from startup. But don't delete this file from hard disk.



ZoneAlarm service. Loads in RunServices.

Suspend if you have troubles with startup.



Miranda Messanger.  Free messenger to replace ICQ, MSN, etc.




C-Media Mixer.  Installed with on-board audio driver for most popular motherboards. Provides System Tray access to change audio settings. It also available in (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel) or (Start -> Programs)




MailFrontier anti-spam application.  This program gives you the level of anti-spam protection. It can be used with Outlook and Outlook Express, Hotmail and IMAP. MailFrontier Matador protects your inbox automatically. It moves the junk mail to the Junk Box based on your preferences. If a junk email does get through, you can click "Junk" to delete it.

For additional information, please go to this site:



  It appears on your computer when you use a Musicmatch Jukebox. Often supplied with HP CD-RW drives. This software uses to listen to audio CDs, MP3s, Internet streams, WMAs, WAV files and more. It's just another player from MUSICMATCH with some features such as: rip/record, burn, organize, print, slideshows etc. The main program works fine without this icon in the task tray.



This is may be a part of Music Match Box software. It's released in the new version of MMBox. Mmtask is used to determine the CD type and launch apps. Check manufacturer.




Allows authorized people to remotely access your Windows desktop using NetMeeting. For additional security and if you not using NetMeeting it's recommended to disable this option.

More Info MS KB Q298327 -

More Info Microsoft NetMeeting "How-To" Guide -




Alps Electric USB Server - required if you have one.
On Compaq computers with Alps Electric Universal Serial Bus (USB) Server, you may receive a "Fatal 0E"
error message when you shut down the computer.
Windows 98 supports USB and does not disable this program during installation. During shutdown, Windows 98 does not stop this program, which causes the system to generate the error  message.

You can also disable this software.

Note that doing so affects your ability to control some features on the computer monitor.

Also, see




This is 3DSTATE software ( Often user by game developers. If you installfree game you carefully read license agreement.

To remove you should uninstall the game.



  MP3 Dancer.  



Canon MultiPASS software.

Read more



  This is a Windows Media Player PowerToy which is run from the taskbar. It can be used to hide Windows Media Player (when in use) and choose various standard buttons (Play/pause, next, previous) etc.  



MailRU agent.

More information:

Remove it from Windows startup by RegRun Start Control if it's not required..



Messenger Plus is an add-on for MSN Messenger 5+. It enables the user to personalise their MSN Messenger experience. This is a third party add-on and is not supported by Microsoft (the makers of MSN Messenger).

For more information see:



  Microsoft MSN Messenger Service  



"About MSN Internet Access: MSN Internet Access (MSNIA) works with Microsoft? Windows? 95- or 98-based PCs to provide a fast, reliable Internet connection so users can make the most of their time online. At the heart of MSNIA is Internet Explorer 5 browser software. This powerful
software delivers a cleaner, more intuitive interface that allows users to spend less time figuring out how to use the Internet - and more time getting things done online. MSNIA offers award-winning e-mail functionality with Microsoft Outlook? Express, local phone numbers across the United States, 24x7 toll-free technical support and a customizable home page. Customers can order a free* one-month trial of MSN Internet Access by visiting or by calling (800) FREE-MSN (373-3676)."

Read more:




Microsoft Messenger, an online chat and instant messaging client.



  Microsoft Corporation.  Task scheduler.  



What is this:   mstinit.exe/firstlogon?  Microsoft Scheduling Agent installer. Launches at first boot.

Required if you plan to use Microsoft Schedule Agent.




Auto-update for Movielink - internet movie rental System Tray access. Movielink is the leading online movie delivery service and a new distribution channel for the movie industry. The Movielink service offers U.S. broadband customers a wide selection of feature films for download, including new releases, classics, foreign films and more.

The Movielink service enables customers to rent movies for a limited time on a transactional basis and legally download them to their computer.



  This is Norton Auto Protect.  



Norton Antivirus Software.

Adds possibility to check files via Explorer.




Ahead Nero BackItUp backup program. It is a new feature integrated in Nero 6. You can start complete backups of defined areas of the hard drive with Nero BackItUp or plan them as regularly recurring jobs. The software not only supports complete backups but also incremental, differential and updating storage. The backup files can then be easily and directly burnt on CDs or DVDs. Also entire hard drive partitions can be saved to disk.

Only required for if you have scheduled backups.




Nokia PC Suite 5.

It is a collection of powerful tools that you can use to manage your phone features and data. It can synchronize the phone with, for example Outlook. Also you can use it for browsing your phone, editing the phone list and so on.



  InDefense, Inc.  Antivirual software.  


  Work with Nero 5.5 or higher. Used to install/control Nero driver nerocd2k.sys. Required if you use with Windows 2000/XP and logon without admin privileges.  



NetInternals CostAware.  This software is used to measuring your download data. It monitoring your connections and counts how many bytes you have sent or receive.

Usually not required.



Part of Norton Internet Security.

Required if you use this software.


  Netscape Save this images.  


  Norton Utilities Unerase monitor.  
  npscheck.exe   Part of Norton Antivirus software.  



This command will load NView control panel applet and initialize it.

Required only if you use NVIDIA NView.
  nview.dll   NVidia Nview software. Required only if you use NVIEW feature (virtual desktop management.)



  This small utility automatically detect the maximum refresh rate at each resolution that your monitor  supports. And than you can choose optimal settings for your eyes. Usually not required.



Installed with the nVidia 'Detonator' graphics cards drivers. Allows you to improve desktop layouts by setting preferences and optimizations.

It is not necessary for your system.


  Icon in the system tray for safely removing PCMCIA cards. Only required if you have a laptop or desktop which includes a PCMCIA card interface.  


  Part of RegRun Security Suite.  Required for using Secure Start feature.



OpiStat is a European Research Institute whose goal is to understand consumer needs and opinions better.






Microsoft Office File Optimizer. Microsoft tells: "The Office File Optimizer is a utility that optimizes startup times in your Office programs." The Office File Optimizer operates on Windows 95 and 98 ONLY.

Read more:



  Outpost firewall.  



Trend PC-Cillin Service.  Antivirual Software




Keyboard Manager for HP computers.

At your option.



Microsoft Corporation. Windows ME only.

PC Help scheduler.

Not required but may be useful.


  Country selection for a PCtel HSP56 based modem. Often found in OEM (Dell,Compaq, HP, etc) systems for their modems included on the motherboard or as a separate card. Once you've set the modem up to the chosen country it's not required.



Part of the software drivers for the PCTEL 2304WT V.92 MDC modems.

Required to use the modem.


  CyberLink's PowerDVD Remote Control background application. Came with version 5 and above. Enables you to use a remote control with your DVD drive if your drive came with one. Not required if you don't have a remote control, or don't wish to use one.



"Mouse driver. Appears to cause a behaviour where the desktop suddenly flips back up when playing DirectX associated games".





This is the part of DelFin software.




Part of PGP software. Required for using PGP disk and other advanced features.




The PhatNoise Agent is a system tray utility which installed by the PhatNoise Music Manager. Allows users  to access the most common options of this program. The PhatNoise Music Manager allows you to seamlessly access, organize, transfer and playback thousands  of digital music files, including WMA, MP3, WAV and FLAC formats. It has many features and it works on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.



  Microsoft Intellimouse monitor.  


  Trend Micro Inc.  PC-Cillin POP3 trapper.  


  Norton AntiVirus mail check.  


  Part of the Norton Antivirus software.  



This is CyberPower's PowerPanel.

It is necessary if you want to interface with the CyberPower UPS product.


  PowerQuest Startup Utility.  



Privacy Eraser is the utility that protects your Internet privacy by cleaning up all the Internet history tracks
and past computer activities. With one click, Privacy Eraser allows you to erase the cache, cookies, visited/typed URLs, autocomplete forms data, saved password, index.dat files of your browser, etc. The cookie cleaning feature allows you to specify cookies to keep, so that you don't erase your important login cookies.





Roxio Engine Utility.  Part of Roxio EasyCD Creator 6.0.  Used to quick start a new project.



  Intel Proset Tray Application. Not required.


  Application that provides functionality to keyboard on Hewlett Packard computers.  
  qfschd100.exe   Used in Corel 2002 & Corel Suite 7 - finds files faster by indexing your files (similar to Microsoft's Find Fast or Fast Search for its Office products). Not required. Looks like this is useless.

WordPerfect QuickFinder Schedule.
      Used to improve file searching.

Not required. It may cause unusual hard drive activity.

Quick Time application to quick access to the Quick Time. You may pause it auto starting without any problems.


VIA RAID Tool Utility.

You can access to different RAID functions efficiently. There are various RAID disk array types such as RAID 0 (striping), RAID 1(Mirroring), RAID 0+1(Striping and Mirroring) ... etc. Compared with single disk, some types of RAID array can enhance fault-tolerant ability (like RAID 1) , some types of RAID can raise disk I/O speed (like RAID 0) and some of them can achieve both (like RAID  0+1). VIA RAID Tool implements main RAID functions in conjunction with the hardware, hence it's very easy for you to achieve RAID functions using VIA RAID Tool.


 Rainmeter is a customizable performance meter.
      It can display the CPU load, memory utilization, disk space, network traffic, time and so on.


RAM Optimizer is a part of Customizer XP.


    Rcman.exe is a product of Creative Technology Ltd.
      It's remote center supplied with Audigy card.

Not required. Try to stop its auto start if it hangs.

Twiga's Remote Disconnection Utility (RDU).

     Used for connecting and disconnecting dial up connections on a network - only needed if there is a shared  internet connection.
     Required if you share one modem across your local area network and you want to control the modem from  any machine.

See more on


Part of Real Network software.

From developer:
      "The Real Toolbar helps you to search quickly and easily from any Web site and access RealOne links directly from Internet Explorer. Once installed, the Real Toolbar appears automatically under the Internet Explorer toolbar and increases your ability to find information from anywhere on the Web."

Read more:


eTrust EZ AntiVirus RealTime Monitor


Real Player Agent.


Suspend run if you want.

Used by the HP (or Compag) Application Recovery Program.
      Located in "C:" on Windows XP.

Don't change it.

     It may be:
       Register MediaRing Talk program or
       Sound Blaster register reminder or
       Remote Access Trojan.

       Register reminder may be stopped without problem.

       Trojan may alter System.ini and/or Win.ini. One can choose to let
        Mosucker randomly decide what autostart method to use.
        Produces an error message while installing ""Could not find
        setuplog.bat"" which apparently is used for autostarting. It copies
         itself to $temp first, as a file named pkg*.exe, ""pkg"" being a fix
         string. It also copied itself to $windows/unin0686.exe.

       Check the manufacturer of this file.

Suspend its run or kill this file.

Greatis Software.   RegRun II - advanced startup manager.


regsvr32 /s mqrt.dll


This command is used to register Microsoft Message Queue  DLL. MSMQ is installed as part of Microsoft Personal Web Server.

Accept this change.




Status: this is the Microsoft COM register utility.
     It's used in Runonce registry keys.


Birthday Reminder.
   This software reminds you about upcoming birthdays and it will display custom messages on the respective days about the birthdays of all the people that you have entered in its database.
     To download this program, please go to:


Check the manufacturer.
     If it's the Microsoft, this is a Microsoft Money reminder of your bills.
Another it's a name of Steals passwords / AOL trojan. It alters Win.ini and System.ini. Steals passwords from AOL accounts and sends them one of several hotmail addresses.


Cyberlink Power VCR II TV tuner recording utility.
    Used to schedule recordings. Not required. It may be launched manually via Start menu.


Part of the RegRun Security Suite software.
   Used to get backup of the registry and system files.
   More info:


Remote Control for PowerDVD.

Not required.

This is Microsoft Distributed COM Services Server.

Read more:




RegRun VxD module, loaded dynamically.

Produced by Greatis Software.




Part of RegRun Security Suite software.

Shell logger is used by RunGuard feature.

Required if you want use RunGuard.

Red Swoosh EDN Client.

From authors:
    "The Red Swoosh Edge Delivery Network is a content delivery mechanism used by web sites to allow you to download files from those sites quicker and more efficiently. In order to have the software installed on your machine, you must have explicitly agreed to an End User License
    Agreement on one of these web sites. Note that sites market this technology under several names including 'TurboShare' or 'Sharing Network'.
    The Red Swoosh software is not 'spyware' and does not maintain any personally identifiable information about the end users. The software is also not a trojan, a virus or a worm, and even though it does operate transparently, it is completely removable and is only installed after the
end user's explicit agreement to a software use license."

Read full information:

At your option.



Part of McAfee antivirus software.

It's used to check update of the virus base via Internet.

At your option.


rundll32 cmicnfg.cpl,cmictrlwnd


Adds icon to the system tray C-Media sound cards to

get quick access to the sound options.




Uninstaller Service.




"These types of entries are ones where the uninstaller for the program is calling a common Windows file, with a command line parameter, to perform the uninstall for the program.

When edit strings do not contain path information it simply means that Windows already knows where to look for these files --so it leaves off the full path. In these cases, verifying that the duplicate entries have matching edit string values is enough to suffice because we know that their paths are correct. If each listing has an identical string delete all of the duplicate entries but one."

Read more:


rundll32 iedkcs32.dll,brandie4 signup


Used during Internet Exlorer installation.

Read more details:


rundll32 qfolders.cpl,load

95 98 ME NT 2K XP

Quick Folders.  Windows shell.




Required for Voodoo2 owners.


    advpack.dll,delnoderundll32 c:.dll


Whazit Toolbar. Displays advertising information.

Read more about this toolbar:

Removal: Try to to uninstall toolbar. If it doesn't help, uncheck this item in RegRun  Advanced Optimizer.


     c:.dll,delnoderundll32 "c:.tmp"


Ignore this alert. This run will clear temp folder after installing new software.




Initialization procedure for STB video cards.




System tray application to quickly get access to display settings. Supplied with NVIDIA video cards.

At your option.




Configuration command for your sound card.

Recommendation: leave it working.




This is GeForce2 driver applet.


      nvqtwk,nvcpldaemon initialize


NVidia GEFORCE 2 control panel software.





Used to initialize Daemon for Detonator (NVIDIA).

Recommendation: leave it working.




Microsoft TweakUI.




Part of the RegRun Suite.  Used for launch a batch of the apps.




Check up the manufacturer of the runservice.exe. The "runservice" of Microsoft is used to launch programs as service on the Windows NT/2000.




It's a part of Sophos anti-virus software.

SAVAgent is a remote agent which enables SAVAdmin to administer Windows 95/98/Me workstations. SAVAgent communicates with SAVAdmin by four parameters: network address; network protocols; endpoint; and internal port number. Required for automatically updating PCs used by dial-in home or out-of-office users.




Creative Sound Blaster Drive Detector. Supplied with Creative sound cards. Allows to determine the disk type and process disk play.

Not required.


Sound Blaster initialization tool for DOS.

Required only if you work in clean DOS mode.




Symantec Script Blocking software. Recommended.




SecureClean is the files recovery ulitity. With SecureClean your files can be recovered from your PC after they have been deleted.

SecureClean scans your entire system for hidden temporary files, deleted email messages, Internet histories and caches - files that are no longer needed by your system and should be removed.

The Scanner shows exactly where deleted data is stored and confirms that SecureClean has successfully completed its task.

SecureClean is the safe way of keeping your system clean of unwanted PC data.

To get more information, please go to




System tray bar application that is used to remind the user to back up files. This free utility works with BackupMyPC, Simple Backup, and MS Backup software.
Manufacturer: VERITAS Software Corporation.

At your option.




This is Windows NT User Data Migration Tool. Used in startup to migrate your IE/Outlook settings (from Windows NT) to new W2K.

Not required.




Motherboard monitoring utility for Biostar M5SAA motherboard, based on SIS chipset. Displays cpu temperature, fan speed and other system hardware information.




This is driver for IBM Media Access Pro Keyboard.
It's used for support special keys.




Multi-function keyboard driver. Allows the use of programmable keys on
multimedia keyboards. Required if you use the additional keys.




System Tray utility to access the SoundMAX audio settings.

At your option.




Symantec software. Required for using LiveUpdate.




Symantec Sofwtare. It displays the warning when you need to update firewall database. Part of the Symantec Live Update.




This is part of StarOffice 5.
    Read more:

At your option.




Required part of SOLO antivirus software

This software provides complete detection, cure and protection for your computers. It cleans all kinds of e-mail, Internet, boot sector, partition table, file macro and script viruses. Solo has been completely tested and it meets the global standard. Available for Win98/2000/NT/XP and some other OS.




System tray utility installed with audio drivers.

Not required.




It is a freeware program that monitors fan speeds, temperatures and voltages in computers with hardware monitoring chips.

Usually not required.




Microsoft Component for MS Keyboards




SpyTech SpyAgent monitoring software.

Allows you to monitor everything users do on your PC. Logs all information about users manipulations and you may see it any time. Find more information on




Spyhunter detects and removes spyware of different kinds from your computer. If you have things like excessive popups, new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you didn't install, or if you browser start page has changed you most probably have spyware.




Plug and Play Service in Windows ME.

Read more:

About sspdsrv problems:




This program is used for monitoring ink levels, paper present and other parameters for Samsung printers. Allows to control your printer for best working with it.




This is an application to control Easy Access Button Support for Compaq PCs.

Required if you use this button.




EnsoniqMixer.Creative Sound Blaster.




Stylus Launcher




SuperBar is an IE toolbar offering search and form-filling features. Adds advertising links to the results of other search engines. The SuperBar software can download and execute arbitrary code silently from its controlling servers. The SuperBar licence includes a clause stating that third-party software may be installed through this mechanism.

Full information:

     SuperBar/v1 can be removed from the 'SuperBar IE Plugin' entry in the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs option. v2 has to be removed manually. Stop it by RegRun Start Control ->Windows Core Components->BHO items tab.




This is Orvell software.

Tracking every action down the last keystroke pressed. With its built-in spy components, it can record every keystroke, window title and visited website.




SVK-Protector Decrypter.





Symantec software core driver. Required if you use Symantec System Works, Noroton Antivirus or Norton Utilities.



  Norton Uninstall Deluxe.
    Then you install a new software, Norton Uninstall Deluxe logs changes of your system files and registry for removing them later. Usually it allows users to uninstall all components of unneeded program. Available manually via Start -> Programs for manual logging.



This is tray icon utility for Symantec System Works software.

At your option.



Status: it's a Upgrade and Metrification of the Idaho Overlay Design Program WINFLEX:




Norton Disk Doctor is a part of Norton Utilities. Automatically runs at start-up, major resource hog and best started manually form Start menu, Programs. Also you can delete the shortcut in the Start -> Programs -> Startup folder.




Clean Space utility.

Complete clean up cookies cache history and secret files. Has the build-in Safe Browser. It's multifunctional tool that completely hides your IP by dynamically connecting to non-transparent anonymous public proxy servers. It allows you to surf the web that protects your privacy while on the Internet and also speeds up your downloads.

Detect and remove spy-software that logs your activity.




It's a part of We-blocker software. Internet filtering and monitoring application.




Microsoft task manager for Windows NT4/2000/XP.

At your option.




Part Microsoft XP Power Toys.

Not required.




Timbuktu Pro Remote Control Software.

Timbuktu Pro allows you to operate distant computers as if you were sitting in front of them, transfer files or folders quickly and easily,and communicate by instant message,text chat,or voice intercom. Timbuktu Pro Enterprise is a solution for user support, systems management, telecommuting, and collaboration across a LAN, WAN, the Internet or dial-up connections.

You can control remote machines on the enterprise network to perform complete evaluations, diagnosis and troubleshooting.








MooSoft Trojan Background Scanning.




Greatis Textreme. Invisible Text Processor.




HP DLA CD recording software.

Read more:




Used by Windows for supporting foreign languages.

Not required  if you do not Chinese or similar specific languages.




Installed with DataStor's (and some other manufacturers) USB 2.0 based external DVD, CD-ROM and CD-RW drives. System tray icon allowing the user to disconnect the external drive without an error message being displayed.

At your option.




Utility for monitoring tray icons. Often supplied with MACVision monitor.




Tray icons monitor program.




Gator adverising spyware. Often it's installed with DIVX 5.02 package.

Remove this file from startup. Also remove GStartup.lnk.




Part of the Greatis RegRun Security Suite software.

Used in Startup Analyser feature.




This utility will helps your system working without crashes. When you run low on memory, your programs slow down and your computer can start displaying error  messages - or even crash.

Turbo Memory Charger automatically or manually freeing memory while you use your computer.

To learn more, please visit

Some users swear by memory management utilities such as Turbo Memory Charger but others say you don't need them - especially if you have Win98 or WinME.

See this article on




Tweak Master software.

"The BHO file is there not for spyware but enables TweakMASTER at add host names automatically from Internet Explorer."

Read more:

If you want to use this software leave it.



Background task which is installed as part of the Intellitype software which comes with the Microsoft Office Keyboard. The Microsoft Office Keyboard enables you to program specific keys to perform specific functions, and TYPE32 needs to be running in the background for the keys you have re-programmed to work exactly as you intended them to.

Recommendation : Absolutely necessary if you use the Hot Keys. If you do not, then you can disable TYPE32 with RegRun Start Control.




Microsoft update utility for Windows Media Player.
         Updates information in user registry.




The "verisignpub1.crl" is the file contains the list of the sites that have security certificates distributed by Verisign. This file is used by Internet Explorer and Outlook to provide access to these sites.

The updcrl.exe. is used for updating.

This is not required operation.

If you do have problems you may skip this command.




It is a part of Norton Internet Security.

UrlLstCk.exe is a necessary file that will be present in C:FilesInternet Security.

It is a URL Checklist.

It is necessary if you use this software.



  Status: The Microsoft driver for USB printer.  



Part of Symantec Security Center software.

Purpose is unknown.




USRobotics Wireless Network Utility

It is used to configure security settings for connecting to WEP encrypted Access Point through the USR  Wireless adapter. It has Site Survey capabilities, and reports link quality and signal strength.

Not required for proper operation of the device as the features given are accessible in the network connection properties.




Internet Tree.




UltimateZip Quick Start.

UltimateZip is the new archive (file compression) utility with many features:

Built-in compression/decompression support for: Zip, Blak Hole, Cabinet, Jar, Lha , GZip, Tar, Tar-BZip2, and Tar-GZip archives;

Skinnable Toolbar;
Quick Start Task Tray Tool;
Windows XP Theme support etc.

This file is used to start task tray tool.




VisionGS is wizard driven webcam software running on almost all win32 platforms, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

You can use this software package to publish your images live to the internet using the ftp protocol or the implemented streaming http server.

Maximum support for all kind of webcam and video devices.




Part of the network card driver software.

Adds tray icon to quick access to the card features.

Not required but it may be useful.



Tray bar icon application for Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.x.

It helps you to start Norton AntiVirus in order to configure it, run a virus scan,

do a LiveUpdate, and more.




HAURI Anti-Virus monitor.

See also

Required if you use this software.




Part of Hauri Anti-Virus.

ViRobot technologies can detect known and unknown viruses.

DataRobot Professional recovers damaged or destroyed valuable data caused by virus infections.

Virus analysis, detection, repair, and consulting service

See also




It's a part of Zone Alarm software.

Required to use Zone Alarm.



McAffe Virus Scan Service

  Svchost.exe    (Windows NT/2000/XP) is a generic host process name for services that are run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). The Svchost.exe file is located in the %SystemRoot%\System32
folder. At startup, Svchost.exe checks the services portion of the registry to construct a list of services that it needs to load. There can be multiple instances of
Svchost.exe running at the same time. Each Svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services, so that separate services can be run depending on how and where
Svchost.exe is started. This allows for better control and debugging.
More info:

McAffe Virus Scan Service




ZoneAlarm service.

Loads in RunServices.

Suspend if you have troubles with startup.




Main core of BitDefender antivirus.

          - Filters all possible virus access ways by scanning
            against viruses e-mail traffic, shared directories, Internet
            content, instant messaging traffic, floppies or CD-ROMs.

           - Blocks any virus, Trojan, Internet worm and other
              malicious code, all at your command

           - Enables you define which applications can access the
             Internet, as well as which web resources can be accessed

           - Keeps user identity and preferences private when surfing
             the Net

- Protects the system against viruses while using ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, NetMeeting, MSN Messenger

- Prevents malicious applications from running up a huge telephone bill at your expense.

- Virus definitions and scan engines are updated without any user intervention

- BitDefender Professional protects any e-mail client without any special configuration

- Advanced firewall rules filter incoming and outgoing Internet traffic

- Monitors Internet traffic, filtering ActiveX, JavaApplets and Scripts

See also:




McAffe Antivirus Service.




Part of Greatis Software DesktopKeeper product.

Used to automatically change desktop wallpaper.




Part of Window Washer software.

Required if you use it. Add to exclusion list.



Greatis Software RegRun.

Watches changes in startup.




Wild Tangent Updater.

More info:




Western Digital button manager.

If you have Western Digital external disk drive this utility allows you to back up your system with one click.

It creates some files that can be used to restore your OS when it crushed.




Logitech software for Web Camera.

Camera usually works good without this software.

It's not required all time.



File that contains COM interfaces used for web site monitoring.

Part of Microsoft Windows.




webHancer SiteReady.

SiteReady E-businesses can optimize the performance and reliability of their web site to ensure their long-

term viability with webHancer SiteReady.




McAffe Virus Scan.




Trend Micro Inc.

PC-cillin Web trapper.




It is a part of PC-Cillin Anti-Virus software.

Checks visited web-sites for malicious Java and ActiveX elements.

Necessary if you use this antiviral program.



Symantec WinFax Fax Port Starter installed by WinFax V10.




Greatis Winbait is a part of RegRun.

It's used to detect unknown viruses.

RegRun compares winbait.exe with original copy called and warns if the files are different..




Windows startup analizer program.  Allows identification of running programs and the ability to easily shut down your choice. Shows much more running than the standard Task Manager. Also gives the ability for one click system shutdown or restart.




Linksys Ethernet Powerline Bridges software.  It uses a lot of CPU resources. But it is required for home bridge device.

Read this information:




Virtual Private Networking




WinPoET is the Windows-based PPP over Ethernet client.

It uses dial-up networking for new high-speed internet customers who are more familiar with analogue modems.

If unchecked in MSCONFIG it reports Error 360 - Hardware Error in dial-up networking




WinRecon - monitoring software that creates records of everything people do on a computer.

Spying or monitoring depending upon how you call it.

Not required for most users.



WinTask Professional.   Advanced task manager.

Read more:


winzip quick pick.lnk


WinZip Quick Pick taskbar icon that gives you instant access to WinZip and recently used ZIP files.




Microsoft Works Update Detection automatically looks for updates for Microsoft Works. Not required.




Part of the Music Now software

Used to import settings from Windows Media Player.




Scheduler for Web Position Gold.

With this programm, you can control and optimize position of your web-site in most popular search engines,  such as AltaVista, Lycos, Google etc.

WebPosition Gold is the product to combine all the following features:
     Generates HTML pages designed to rank near the top of the search results. Analyzes your existing Web pages and gives plain-English advice on how to improve them. Includes a simple, built-in HTML editor for fast and easy changes.

Uploads your new and changed pages. Submits your pages to the major U.S and International search engines. Reports your positions on each search engine for each keyword you are targeting. Tracks the number of visitors to your site, where they came from, and what keywords they used to find you.

You can find full description of Web Position Gold here:




Freeware BitDefender Antivirus for Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger provides a DCC file transfer feature.

Like every other means of exchanging files, this is a potential infection pathway. BitDefender scans the files you exchange with other users after you finish downloading. If a file you download is infected, it willl be treated. Required if you use Yahoo Messenger.




YahooPOPs! is an open-source program to provide free POP3 and SMTP access to your Yahoo! Mail account. YahooPOPs! emulates a POP3/SMTP server and enables popular email clients like Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, Mozilla, IncrediMail, Calypso, etc., to download and send emails from Yahoo! accounts. It provides a POP3/SMTP server interface at one end to talk to email clients and an HTTP client (browser) interface at the other which allows it to talk to Yahoo!

For additional information, go to




SBC Yahoo! Browser system tray icon.

Read more:

At your option.




Yahoo Messenger module.

Not required.



ZoneAlarm Plus - Firewall program from Zonelabs. Shields your system against worms, Trojans, and malicious email. Protects your personal and financial data from hacker attacks.

  zapro.exe   It is a main component of the ZoneAlarm Pro - firewall program from Zonelabs. It stops annoying and potentially malicious cookies and pop-ups from invading your system. You can block your system from hackers, worms, and other threats.  
  zlclient.exe   Firewall program from. At your option.
  zoneal~1.exe   ZoneAlarm monitor. Loads in Current User Run.  
  zonealarm.exe   ZoneAlarm monitor.   Loads in Current User Run.  
  zonealarm.lnk   Required to use ZoneAlarm firewall.