Front page Express : Web Design Program

So, you want to make your own web pages eh! Don't Know where to start? Want to learn fast? Maybe my tutorial can help you get going!

First things first! In order to use Frontpage Express you must have a copy of the program. Frontpage ships with Win98SE or is available by upgrading to internet Explorer 5.01 (downloadable from microsoft). So if you have a later version of Internet Explorer or are running win 2000, then sorry you are out of luck on the free Frontpage Express. Frontpage Express commercial program is available for around $160 and due to it's extensive built-in help you would benifit more by following their help rather than this instructional.

Starting Frontpage:

Click Here To View Opening a file

Other topics:

  1. Webots - no information available
  2. Tables - Working with Tables and cells
  3. Color - Working with color text
  4. Backgrounds - Colors, page margins, images

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