History of All Tech Development

      All Tech Development began life as a Proprietorship in 1973 and through a steady series of proactive advancement still remains a forefront service supplier to both Consumer and Business alike.

Key responsibilities
Analysis of business requirements inclusive of: Computing equipment, Software, Custom hardware and both Hard and Soft security systems to satisfy requirements. Installation and maintenance of Operating system, Custom programming, and  hardware of all kinds.

    Year Experience impact Details...    
  1973 - 1993   Start RDB Tech Labs Proprietorship opened with focus on electronic repair & restoration  
  1973 -   Consumer Electronic    Radio, Stereo, TV, Projection TV, Turn tables  
        Industrial Electronic    Oil field relays, moisture meters, Two way Radio, building sound systems  
    1975 -   Business Electronics    Copiers, Calculators, Collators, Custom electronic test equipment  
        Computer Electronics    Assembly & repair: Home computers, Monitors, Magnetic storage,  
        Computer Programming    System level, Device level, Applications : Accounting, Property management  
    1980 -   Electronic Supply    Discrete component for commercial and industrial electronics  
        R&D Electronics    Design of a Zero force switchpad for patients with extremely limited muscle strength  
        PC Electronics    Assembly, Repair, Upgrading, and Programming of the new Era computer which has become known as the 'PC' or Personal Computer.  
    1988 -1989   Electronics Engineering    Upgrading courses for Electronics Engineering Technologist  
    1990 -   Banking & Security Electronics Installation, Setup and Repair of:
   Coin counter/sorters, Bill counters, Counterfeit detectors, Cash reconciliation Software, Networking systems, Patient tag systems, Mag Locks, electronic door strikes, CCTV camera systems, Alarm Panels, and Controlled Access Security Interfaces (CASI).
    1993 - Name change to
   Proprietorship with name suitable for incorporation. Continues as a technology company well versed in Electronics, Hardware and Software.  
    1995 - Specialized Software    Home food delivery Software based upon manual entry & CB Radio dispatched drivers.  
    1997 - Specialized Software    Large scale Home food delivery Software based upon high volume orders from a call center & received via modem. Dispatch using Two way Radios.
   Customized and integrated SMART MAPS software to verify addresses and quickly assist with street by street directions.
    1999 - Specialized Software    As above, with networking, multiple dispatchers, and handling both call center and manual orders.  
    2001 - Specialized Software    Full dining service with Point of sale touchscreen system in restaurants, Call center servicing multiple restaurants, Dispatching system and included SMART MAPS system integrated into every level.  
    2002 - Online Presence    Web page design, online system tutoring, system restoration, system customization